• Jumpstart – Get Started Today!
  • Jumpstart – Get Started Today!

Success....Plan on it!

Not Sure How to Get Started with a Workout Plan? 

You are not alone!  Women come to us daily needing guidance through the sea of fitness information, diet fads, and latest trending “moves” that guarantee weight-loss.  We understand that it is overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing! We want to help!  We are offering, at no cost, a free resource to get you started.  It’s foundational, good for all-time, basic “must know” stuff that won’t fade away with the next celebrity endorsement!  Discover solid, simple and clear guidance with our free guide “The 6 Keys to Unlocking the Benefits of Exercise”.  Don’t waste another minute NOT maximizing your efforts!  Get started below.

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Exercise Demonstrations Upper BodyLower BodyCore ExercisesCardio-Exercises:  You’ll find more than 35 different exercises under the “exercises” tab at the top of this page.  You’ll discover how to safely and effectively do the movements so that you can maximize the results you get.  Here’s a sample of a few of them below:



Welcome to Workoutplanz!

I’m so glad you are here!  I am assuming you dropped in because you are on the road to becoming a healthier version of you and you want to find resources, workout plans, meal plans and other tips and encouragement to help you get there!

Take a minute to watch this video to hear about where you can find things on the website, how to receive FREE STUFF weekly, what plans we offer, why I do what I do, and why these plans will help you reach your goals.  Thanks for listening in!



We are Here to Help!  WorkoutPlanz.com is dedicated to providing workout plans for women, along with many additional exercise and health related resources that encourage women in their fitness journey!

Whether you are just starting a workout plan or you’ve been on the fitness journey for quite some time, we have plans that are designed to meet your needs.  From our “Jumpstart” plan that provides the details for re-booting your metabolism to our “Breaking Plateaus” plan that will help you shed that last 5 pounds.  We have put together plans that will help you succeed!  **Busy Moms, we are proud to announce our new guide designed for you.  Time saving and easy to use guides and tools.  Take a look here – “Busy Mom’s Weight loss Plan”

Along with the workout plans, we also have free resources available; from how to do “heart rate training”, to “balancing your nutrients”, to a fun “workout playlist”.  We have resources, tips, and tricks you’ll love.  In addition, we have  created exercise video demonstrations of over 50 different exercises that provide you the how to’s for safety and focus of your efforts…be sure to view them as you start your journey and to refer back to them along the way!

After you get started on one of our workout plans, make sure you stop by our “grab a badge” page so that you can proclaim your start and your success!


To Your Success…Plan on it!


Jamie Beeson

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What Our Clients Say

  • Honestly I'd recommend Jamie's Team Training to anyone and everyone but especially to anyone struggling to reach their goals on their own. I knew what my problem areas were (food!) and I knew what I should and shouldn't be doing but I just wasn't changing what needed to be changed.


  • "After the diva run I tried on my wedding dress just to see if it might fit since I remember being a 6 or 8 way back then. I had to get a little help with the zipper, but it went ALL the way up!!!! I was 23 when I wore that thing. I'll be 42 in two months. So, this is the best shape I have been in, well ever, but the thinnest I have been in almost 19 years. This is awesome! THANK YOU!!!"


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