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10 Get-Started Tips for a Fridge Makeover (Part 1)

healthy fridge makeover

I’m not sure that I completely agree with the saying “You are what you eat”, but I would venture to say that what you eat affects who you are.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to be the best YOU when you are full of jelly bellies!  (No pun intended.)

Knowing that what we eat affects our mood, our energy level, our immune system, our skin, our thinking, our sleep and of course, our weight should give us the motivation to eat healthy all of the time…but it doesn’t.  Here’s a BIG reason why.  Like the fridge you see in the picture, we are putting ourselves into a tempting spot when we’ve loaded our refrigerators, cupboards and pantries with “not so beneficial” options.  If we are tired, in a hurry, or are SUPER hungry, the “not so beneficial” foods call our name and they call LOUDLY!  We struggle with what we eat because we don’t plan to succeed!  If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.

If you know this is you and this is your struggle, then let me suggest the “Pantry Overhaul” guide.  It’s an easy read and is a practical guide to completely makeover your pantry as well as your grocery lists.  There is even a step by step process you go through to eliminate “non beneficials” in your house and learn to stock up on highly beneficial foods.  It will set you up for success and help you plan to eat healthy.

In order to be successful in our goals of “eating healthy”, I’m going to give you 10 Get Started Tips that you can do now to begin the makeover.  This will start the process of “planning to succeed”.  We’ll do 5 tips today and 5 tips tomorrow.  (For a FREE printable version of these tips, click on this link.)

1.  Take stock of what’s inside.

Once a month, pull everything out and separate the better-for-you foods (I call them beneficial foods) from the rest. Make sure you have more low-fat, high-fiber and low sugar foods than other types, and, if not, consider gradually reducing the number. Choose more low-fat dressings, condiments, sauces and tablespreads instead of full-fat ones unless the fat source is a healthy one like olive oil.

2.  Hide desserts.

Stow away desserts and other indulgent foods in the crisper, so they’re “out of sight, out of mind. ” Most of the time, healthier foods like fruits and vegetables are the ones that perish the quickest and, therefore, should be kept on the refrigerator shelf where you can see and eat them.(Americans on average waste about $10 a week on produce that spoils.)

3.  Organize by “more ” and “less.”

Divide your refrigerator into different sections of “choose more often ” and “choose less often. ” This could be by shelf or within the shelf, always keeping healthier foods up front and less-healthy foods toward the back.  (The Pantry Overhaul goes over specific examples of these foods and why they are better and more beneficial.)

4.  Substitute lower-fat foods for higher-fat ones.

Some examples include skim or 1% milk for whole milk; and lean meats, chicken and fish for ribs, ground meat and other fattier meats. A simple substitution like soft margarine for butter over a week’s time can save you an entire day’s worth of saturated fat.  Fat is good for you, but there are beneficial fats and not-so-beneficial fats.  The goal is to reduce the latter.

5.  Make healthy eating fun for the family by color-coding foods with stars or heart stickers – use green for heart-healthy, and red for less healthy.

This is enough for now!  Get started on those 5 and I’ll post the next 5 tips tomorrow!  I’d love to know how your “makeover” is going with your fridge.  I’d also love to know YOUR tips for a healthy fridge!  Share them with us on Facebook or you can comment right here under the blog post!  Thanks for sharing!

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