It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

6 Steps to Successfully Setting a Goal and Reaching it

How many times has a new year rolled around and we contemplate goals and things we’d like to change.  We have a sincere desire to see change, but it’s common and most likely, that our new year resolution doesn’t resolve, it dissolves into thin air.  Gone until the next new year rolls around.

It is deflating, defeating, frustrating and discouraging to have the same goal, year after year and never see it reached.  At, we have 6 simple steps to successfully setting your goal AND REACHING it!  We’ll take you step by step, 1 at a time, through the process.

At, we like to say “Success…plan on it!”  Go ahead and plan on having 2013 be your year of success!

Here’s step 1:

Well, “duh”, you say.  Of course I really really want to fit into my jeans again.  The reality is that you have to be determined and prepared to head down a road where you consi stently choose what you really really want over what you want right now.  So, decide what you really really want and it needs to be kept in your face at all times.


The goal or goals you set have to be realistic and something you really have a sincere, deep and often emotional desire to accomplish. You cannot expect results if you half-heartedly attempt to set a goal. It needs to be
something that will be life changing and important to you.

“There are powers inside of you which, if you could discover and use, would make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become.”

Orison Swett Marden

Ok, do you know what you really really want yet?  How would it make you feel to reach this goal?  What would your life look like if you reached this goal?  Conversely, how does it feel to not have this goal in check?  What are you willing to give up in order to reach this goal?  Get serious with yourself and your commitment because this “New Year” motivation wears off.  It happens every year.

This year, we hope to walk you through to lifelong success and never set this same goal again!  Ready?!

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