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A “Jumpstart Journey”: Day 2 and 3


This is a continuation of the “Jumpstart Journey”: Day 1.  These blog posts are written by guest blogger, Laura, also known as my mom.  Follow her journey to learn “what to expect” while on the Jumpstart Plan, get recipes and food log ideas as well as inspiration from their results!

Day 2:  Menu Planning

The challenge here is as I said beforehand is the menu planning.  Because you eat 4-6 meals a day (I am eating 6), you need to have things ready. This provides you with an instant resource and  you will be less likely to deviate from the prescribed foods. The whey protein powder is one of those items that is indispensable because it is nutritious, simple to prepare, fast and you can add other fruits to flavor it differently each time.  I instantly went online to find good side dishes and vegetable combinations. Since you can’t season with salt or heat causing spices, you have to be creative when adding the seasonings to your dishes. Some of the best resources have been gluten free recipes or vegetarian sites because of their obvious propensity to eating fruits and vegetables. I realized that even though I thought we were eating lots of fruits and vegetables before we started this program, it wasn’t near enough! It might be helpful to chop up some of the vegetables before storing them in the refrigerator just for ease of meal preparation. I found a fun recipe for kale chips and used cumin and garlic powder for spicing the kale up. I have also enjoyed being creative with guacamole using other spices for a nice vegetable dip. Frozen berries and fruits have been a good supplement to the fresh ones in the store and give you a lot of variety. They lend themselves well to making simple fruit slushies or sorbet type desserts (oops, did I say “desserts?) or snacks.  Still experiencing that annoying headache and feeling like taking a nap!
Day 3:  One of the hardest days

Today I feel like I have been living in the kitchen. After going to the store for a few more veggies and cranberry drink this morning, I have been trying to think of different ways to cook. My husband is already tired of roasted and sauteed vegetables. I prepared everything fresh for our snack using the guacamole dip for our lunch. I caramelized onions using water for a scrambled egg breakfast and the sweet onion really helped pep up the eggs. Being in the kitchen and
cooking are not my favorite pastimes so this is a challenge for me. I continue to find recipes that might make things taste better or different so that we don’t get tired of the same thing.  Also, being away from home can be a stumbling block, but planning food and snacks ahead can be of help.  Basically every two hours you need to drink your cranberry mixture and have a snack or meal so you have to take this into consideration when leaving your house. Things like nuts, fruits, or cut up veggies help in this
instance. When I have been gone and out running errands, I have felt dizzy, groggy, and rather weak so taking your snack with you is important. You want to keep your blood sugar steady.  No headache today, but I am feeling groggy and listless. I did go snowshoeing for a little while today because I wanted to get out and get some exercise. Taking it easy for awhile will help, but it is hard to do since I also want to lose weight. I have to be satisfied with a walking stroll
or stretching or a few yoga poses that won’t tax my system too much these first few days of the program. I am not feeling very energetic and I am sure that my body is wondering what is happening.

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Here are 3 websites she used to find recipes that could be used on the “Jumpstart” Plan.
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