It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

Busy Girl’s Weight Loss Webinar

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She’s faster than a speeding bullet (but rarely gets pulled over) as she races one child to the dentist, another child to soccer practice and drops off a business report all due within 15 minutes of each other.  She’s got amazing super powers like finding things when no one else can.  She has incredible strength displayed in her ability to hold a child on her hip, carry a baby carrier in the other arm, and a bag slung across her shoulders.  She has a graceful waltz of sorts as she dances across the kitchen floor making dinner, supervising homework, breaking up fights and talking to the PTA chair on the phone.  She knows things that no one else in the family knows like what everyone is doing at all times and in all places.  After all, she is the keeper of the calendar, the menu plan, and the activity schedule.  She is WONDER WOMAN!  No, she is YOU!

I know exactly what it’s like to juggle multiple things at once and wear 10 different hats all in 1 day.  I also know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and have burning eyes at the end of the night because we’ve been running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Super heroes have 1 thing in common, they live their lives to serve and protect others.  You, Superwoman, fit in this category.  Whether you have children or not, many of us are wired to multi-task and we tend to be loyal to the people that matter most…even at a detriment to our own health.

Can I get real with you for a minute?  We are not super heroes.  We do not have super powers.  We WILL run out of steam and then no one and nothing will get the best of us.  Your health, which includes sleep, stress levels, emotional health, nutrition and fitness level are the only ways to keep living the life we live as busy girls.  I know, you think “that’s just another thing I have to try to fit in my schedule and try to juggle”.  It’s true.  It is another thing, but can I challenge you and say, maybe this is one thing that should replace some of the other things in your schedule that are eating your time.

When we are stressed, our immune system lowers.  Eventually, your body will shut down if you don’t take care of it.  When we are stressed, our emotions are raw.  Eventually, you will say or do something you don’t mean to because you had very little self control because of tiredness or edgy emotions.  Eventually, you will start to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and maybe even bitter about the life you live IF you maintain a pace of life that is detrimental to your health.  Your health should be a top priority because you can’t be everything you’ve dreamed of being unless the body you’ve been given is taken care of.

I won’t point out your problems without offering a solution.  I have spent the last 15 years of my life trying out all kinds of workouts, exercise plans, recipes, meal plans, and strategies for helping people like you and me to lose weight and FEEL great!  I have spent the time that you don’t currently have!  I have weeded out the junk and figured out some truths. was started because I realized there was SO much information out there for weight loss and getting in shape, but it was information overload and to busy people like you and me, it’s just discouraging.  I wanted to piece together everything you need to succeed and make it SIMPLE.

I want to personally invite you to a webinar I am running called “The Busy Girl’s Weight Loss Webinar”.  It is a FREE 30 minute webinar followed by a Q and A time where I’ll give you more than just information.  I’ll give you strategies, planning, tips, and resources to get you motivated and get you started.  There will be 3 times available for the webinar.  Only 100 people can attend so register quickly!  Click on the pic to register.

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In January of this year, we released 4 plans that include all of the components you need for success depending on where you are starting.  And on March 1st, we are releasing the “Busy Mom Weight Loss” Plan.  When you attend the webinar, I’ll give you several FREE downloads and resources AND I’ll give you a special discount just for attending!

Superwomen, you don’t want to miss it!  It’s time to put your health as a top priority so that your can be the best version of you possible.  I can’t wait to help!

Jamie from

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