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You’ve been lied to.  How do I know?  Because I was lied to as well and now I know better.  I’m here to tell you the truth.  You ready for this?

A “healthy lifestyle” does not consist of a specific set of rules done every day.

Don’t get me wrong.  Consistency to the same actions build habits and that’s what we want in the longterm.  BUT, the lie that discourages people like you and me is the illusion that we shouldn’t be falling and failing after a certain time.  How many times have I said “I’m a trainer for goodness sake!  I should be able to turn down a freaking brownie!”  or  ”I know ALL of the right things to do, yet I have gained 5 pounds?  What’s wrong with me?!”  Have you said similar things?  I’m guessing you have!  Not because I’m guessing that you’re a failure.  It’s because I’m guessing that you are HUMAN and growing and changing is part of a cycle, a journey and it includes failures…yes, even when you’re a trainer.

I could write a really long post and go into the details of all of this, but I’m going to save some for later.  The most successful people in the world, your healthy lifestyle role models, you know how they do it?  They bounce back fast!  If they have an obstacle, they bust through it.  If they make a bad choice, they decide that the choice doesn’t line up with who they are meant to be so they decide to choose differently the next time.  If they get sick, have an injury, have a huge life changing event or they get down, they find a new way.  Their old way may not work any more.  They might have to develop new habits, but being healthy is a part of their identity so they find a new way to make it work.

So, if you’re in a place where you have failed and you are stuck there, or you if you have found yourself in a place where you need to “begin again,” and you need to figure out the best first steps to do it, I have a short “guide” for you.  I hope it can encourage your heart, encourage the person inside of that skin to get up and get at it…again.

You can download it for free here  I will follow it up with a few accountability emails.  You can always connect with me on Facebook.  I’d LOVE to help you walk through this new step forward.  No more believing the lies of perfection and start embracing the process of change.

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Flab-U-Less Summer

Here’s the thing, some of you know me and know I’m not in the “body changing” industry to make people feel like they need to have some sort of defined “perfection” or that the true picture of health is a cellulite free, dimple free, fat free body.  My hope is always to help identify who you are because of Whose you are, and from that to instigate a drive and desire to be the best version of you.

It’s not a night and day process.  I’ve been in “process” for 18 years!  That might not sound encouraging, but the truth is that I’ve had victories, I’ve had stumbles, but I’ve learned A LOT!  I’m the best version of me I’ve ever been.  Am I the smallest I’ve ever been?  No.  Am I cellulite free?  No.  Do I have a goal to change some things?  Yes.  But, my mindset is in the right place and it’s a daily choice.

I tell you that FIRST before I use the “play on words” title of a “Flab-U-Less” summer fitness planner.  I want you to make progress.  I want that progress and your commitment to free you from being trapped in your head about what you are not.  I want you to discover the beauty that you all ready ARE and cultivate a desire to nurture that beauty.  It starts in the heart and in the head.

So, this free tool is to be a resource to you as you start to think about summer.  I want you to feel awesome in your shorts and not avoid wearing them because you are hiding something.  I want you to never turn down a pool party, a trip to the lake or another mixed company party because of feeling embarrassed about your body.  I don’t want you to miss out on life and I don’t want the people in your life to miss out on you!

So here, girls, take this download.  I will email you a few workouts to plug into the plan as well as a heartrate training guide to help you be more effective in your workouts and more in tune to your body.  And please, come connect with me on my Facebook page!

Here’s the “Flab U Less” Summer Fitness Planner link!

Get your Flab U Less Summer Fitness Planner for Free!

Get your Flab U Less Summer Fitness Planner for Free!


Countdown to Spring Challenge: Tricep Dip variation (leg lift)

My 3 year old videographer was HILARIOUS in this video. I could’ve posted the video just based on his commentary!

Day 4 of the Countdown to Spring Challenge is all upper body with 30 dips and 50 push-ups (or 60 and 100 if you are doing the advanced option.) I thought I’d give you a variation that adds a little balance work challenging one side of the body more than the other as you shift weight side to side.

Beginner tip: If a dip is too hard, sit on a bench with your hands about 1 foot behind you, fingers facing forward. Lean back and bend your elbows (keep your shoulders down.) Extend your arms to straight and repeat. This is a dip without your lower body weight. Do as many as you can with your lower body weight and then finish with this modification if you need to.

Spring’s on it’s way! I can feel it!

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