It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

Countdown to Spring CHALLENGE: Prepare to Bare your Arms and Legs

I really liked the Healthy M.E. 15/7. I will likely do that again and even up the ante a bit…maybe 20/7? If you missed the posts about it, I’ll quickly explain. It was a commitment to M.ove E.veryday for at least 15 minutes for 7 days straight doing an exercise that my body needed. I did some cardio, some strength, foam roller stretching, yoga, etc… What I loved about it was that it took my focus from a narrow perspective of the benefits of exercise (losing baby weight), to a broader perspective of the MANY benefits of exercise. I am on a journey of not only losing baby weight, but also gaining a new understanding and appreciation of a “healthy lifestyle.” I’ve worked out or been active a majority of my life, but I’ve also felt the NEED to exercise so I don’t gain weight. Exercise motivation usually stemmed from that one motivation. A healthy lifestyle encompasses much more than losing weight or maintaining weight and that’s my current journey.

So, this challenge is inspired by the M.ove E.veryday concept, but with a little more focus and fun (oh and challenge :) You want to join me? It’s a 21 day challenge that you can start at any time. I am going to start on March 11 to take me to the end of the month. Spring is technically March 20th, but it won’t show up around these parts for another month or two. But, in celebration for those of you seeing sunshine and daffodils, we’ll do it in March. :)

While doing this challenge, I’ll be posting little video clips of different variations of the exercises you can do on the challenge so you don’t get bored (or so I don’t get bored.) ;)  I’ll post them here and on Facebook. Better go like my page so you don’t miss out. You can subscribe to the blog too so you’ll get the posts delivered to your email.

Without further ado, here she is! Pin it to save it (put your mouse on the pic and a “pin it” button will pop up) or you can bookmark this page on your browser as well. Again, I am going to start March 11th.  (See instructions for beginners and advanced at the bottom.)

Countdown to Spring Challenge:  Prepare to Bare your Arms and Legs

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