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Extreme Food Makeovers: Enchiladas

Last week, I asked if there were some of your favorite foods that you’d like to have a healthy makeover.  I started with the brownie.  If you like dark chocolate, be sure to try this recipe here.

Another way I have made brownies healthier are by substituting non-fat greek yogurt for the oil AND eggs.  I have also substituted applesauce for the oil which seems to make more of a cake-like brownie.  You can add zucchini to your brownies which make them incredibly moist.  You would be able to eliminate some of the oil if you do this too.  I saw this low-fat variation on Pinterest the other day.

Dr. Pepper Brownies from the Novice Chef


I have totally gotten off tops because this post is supposed to be about one of my favorite makeovers…enchiladas!  That was another request from Facebook for makeovers and this one is a HIT!

You can lessen the amount of cheese if you want to lower the amount of calories and fat.  There is added protein with the greek yogurt and cottage cheese!  If you want, you could even add some black beans in the mix for more added protein and fiber!

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