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Extreme Food Makeovers: Brownies

I am a not a believer in sugar free this and fat free that, but there are definitely ways to make popular comfort dishes and treats into having more nutritional value!  After all, I am all about the benefits a food brings to your body.  For example, we can buy a box mix for brownies, but it will have a lot of sugar, refined flours and when you add the oil, it will have quite a bit of fat.  While it may taste good, there is really very little benefit it physically gives the body (it might make your emotions feel good…temporarily.)

So, I am always taking recipes and looking for ways to add more benefits or remove some of the non-beneficials ALL WHILE KEEPING A YUMMY TASTE!

I polled our Facebook fans and it was agreed that many of you are in search of a yummy, but beneficial brownie recipe.  Like I mentioned above, brownies typically are high in sugar, low in complex carbs and high in fat.  How can we add benefit?  A mystery ingredient people have been sending around the internet…black beans.  WHAT???  Don’t tell anyone :)

I have made a black bean brownie before and didn’t love it.  I found this recipe and plan on making it this weekend.  I adapted it from because I am not looking to make it completely sugar free and have no need to make it gluten free (completely) although, there is NO FLOUR in this recipe!  You have an option to use coconut oil which is found to have great benefits and the darker the chocolate, the more benefits there are.  Those black beans add fiber and protein as well so now we’ve added some MORE benefit to our brownie!

So here is our first “Extreme Food Makeover”!  I’m not sure of the flavor just yet, but based on the past recipe I’ve used, I can see this might be a keeper!  I’ll keep you posted.  If you try it before I do, I want to know your thoughts!


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