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Football Food that won’t cause a FUMBLE!

Social eating, football eating…something happens with the mind/hand/mouth connection.  It seems as though the hand and mouth go on auto-pilot and it just goes “reach, bend, eat, repeat.”  You relate?

Let’s do this as you’re cheering for your favorite team this weekend:

FIRST, reprogram yourself by getting 1 plate.  Only eat off of your plate, never out of the appetizer bowl or platter.  Fill your plate with mostly healthy things and then with something that looks awesome and you’d love to enjoy.  Then walk away from the food.  Did you hear that?  It was written in that authoritative, deep megaphone voice…”Walk aWAY from the food.”  If you stand by the food and talk, your hand might go back to old habits of “reach, bend, eat, and repeat.”

NEXT, carry a water bottle around with you so that your hands are busy.  This also helps keep you from senseless snacking and it will fill your belly enough to help you remember you aren’t hungry and no, you don’t need another plate.

DON’T FORGET, eat a healthy, filling breakfast so that you are not drooling when looking at the appetizer spread.

LAST, bring some healthy and fun options to the gathering!  Here are a few you could try!

Thanks, Skinnytaste for some good Football food ideas!


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