It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

Freeze. Unfreeze: A Trick to Melt Fear Paralysis

 one step after the other

Do you ever have days when you get up, get ready, and then get settled in to get some work done and realize that everything on your list just doesn’t look fun, seems like it will be a long process and will probably make you completely uncomfortable or stressed?  No?!  You don’t have those days?!  Oh my goodness, we should trade “to do” lists!  Ha ha!

Today was one of those days.  I sat down, I looked at my list and because of the feeling it gave me in my gut, I stared at my computer, I practiced procrastination by scrolling through Facebook and then stared some more.  So what am I doing blogging then?  You might think I’m avoiding my list since I’m blogging.  It could appear that way, but actually, I decided to write because it takes me back to the reason why I do what I do.  It revives my passion and fans my flames.  If I can stir up that “why”, then I can get to the “what”, even if it seems challenging, overwhelming or stressful.

What in the world does this have to do with the price of beans in China?!  Because I want to encourage the girl who feels that way about her health today.  The one who feels like she knows what she needs to do, but when she thinks about it, she feels like it’s going to be a long process, be uncomfortable, maybe stressful and very challenging.

If you’re paralyzed by these feelings, get overwhelmed just reading this and have feelings of defeat, then stop and take time to go back to your reason “why” you want to make the changes.  Maybe you need to go play with your kids and think about how it will feel to play with them with full energy, no inhibitions and fully present.  Maybe you need to journal some thoughts while you’re experiencing some emotion.  What will it feel like this summer to wear shorts confidently again?  Maybe you need to dream and think about what it will be like when all of it seems easy instead of difficult!  Maybe you need to line up your resources with your plan and take one brave step at a time.  You think?  I mean, how long can we be paralyzed by feelings and stories we tell ourselves?  Unfreeze.

Just writing this has given me a little spark.  Thinking of the face on the other side of this blog post, thinking of the fear you might be feeling, and empathizing with feelings of discouragement and defeat…it’s making me pull up my big girl panties, ladies.  I have a mission.  I have a purpose.  I have a reason “why” for every task on that hard “to do” list.  Ok, signing off because I have some things to do.

What is one step you can take today that takes you closer to where you want to be?

Why is it important you take that step?

If you keep taking small steps everyday, where will you be in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?

How will that change things for you and for those that matter most to you?


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