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Gettin’ Naked: Fail Forward

fail forward

Failing helps us determine what doesn’t work.  It helps us discover our limits so we can exceed them.  They reveal our weaknesses so we can surrender and ask God for strength.  I’ve learned to be really picky when I use the word failure.  Sometimes, it’s not so much that I’ve failed, it’s that I’ve found and discovered some truth which gives me tools to do whatever I’m setting out to do even better.

I’ve been limiting my sugar intake…sort of.  There was a birthday on Monday and I enjoyed a cupcake.  That was it.  Then, it was my son’s birthday on Friday.  I made a chocolate caramel poke cake.  I won’t describe it because it will make my keyboard sticky with drool.  I had one smallish piece on his birthday.  Then, had another smallish piece the day after followed by a few fork fulls later that night.  My fork seemed to find it’s way under the foil today and dug a few holes in it again.  Did I stick to my goal of having a treat only two times this week?  Nope.  Do I consider this a failure?  Not really.  It’s not because I’m one of those who just extends myself grace for every mistake I CHOOSE to make.  It’s because I’ve learned a few things along the way.

I’ve learned that I should be happy that I haven’t been having any sugar on MOST days when in December, I was having at least one sugar treat almost everyday.  That’s a big improvement.  I have also learned to acknowledge good choices found around the same time frame.  For example, the birthday party also included candy, lots of candy.  I did not eat a piece of candy…not a one.  Good choice by me!  I made chocolate chip pancakes for the birthday kids in the morning.  I did not have pancakes OR chocolate chips, but instead, made myself a protein shake.  I LOVE pancakes…with syrup and peanut butter.  I made a better choice for myself.  I’m proud of that.

What I’ve also learned is that dessert sitting on my counter is a like a drug addict putting drugs in her sock drawer and saying “it’s not mine.”  If it sits there, I will likely touch it.  After many years of being a professional dessert connoisseur, I’ve learned that I like it too much to have it sit in front of me.  So, I try not to have desserts that I like just sitting around.  I like to call this lesson a “fail forward”.  I used my “failure” to push me forward into better success by understanding myself, acknowledging good choices and then setting myself up for success when I can.

I will not let a “failure” stop me in my tracks or derail my progress.  I will use it to gain forward momentum.  I am still going to limit my sugar intake this week.  The cake will not be sitting on my counter and I am ready to make healthy choices.

Here’s a little “gettin’ naked” secret…I have had times where I have set goals, been super strict, had a moment of weakness and then beat myself up over it.  I’ve even lost sleep over a dinner that I thought I shouldn’t have eaten.  I’d get up in the morning, put on pants and SWEAR I grew overnight.  Sounds so silly to type that out, but I am betting I am not the only one who has done this in one way, shape or form.  No more.  It’s highly unlikely that you will gain weight from a moment of weakness as long as we “fail forward”.

I got on the scale this morning.  I am two pounds down from last week.  That tells me that my calorie amount that I set for myself is perfect (I should only lose 1/2 pounds to two pounds/week).  It also tells me that my cake did NOT go directly to my hips and I am still headed towards my goal.  I got to have my cake and eat it too :)

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Comments (2)

  1. Such a great post. This has been a long hard lesson to learn for me. I have made a choice to be healthier. And I know it will be a gradual process filled with lots of small daily choices and one that I am committed to stick around for. Each week I am trying to focus on the things I did better than the week before—and not on the “failures.” Your posts here have been very helpful. :)

    • It’s a hard lesson for most people…not just girls. I think it applies in other arenas for guys. Guys HATE failing. I’ve had this conversation with several guys in my life. I feel like I could learn this lesson in multiple areas in my life. The second part of this is not letting what we accomplish, succeed in or fail at define who we are. That’s our next big mistake ;)

      Glad to know it’s helpful for me to share my thoughts ;)

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