It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

Gettin’ Naked: Let’s Make this Easy

There’s a difference between a dream and a goal.  A dream is the overall vision of what you would like to accomplish.  You could call it the  long-term goal.  But, it doesn’t really become a goal without a plan.  The plan is the action steps or broken down pieces of how you’ll see your dream come true.

goal setting, planning, action steps

One of the biggest mistakes I hear in goal setting or dreaming is always focusing on the big dream and not making a plan that includes what you’ll do TODAY.  Change happens by making changes in your daily routine.

daily routine change

Focusing on an end result will cause you to miss the successes along the way.  This will often result in frustration, death to motivation and ultimately failure (or really death to a dream).  It’s ok to “fail”.  That’s how we learn.  It’s just not ok to give up because of it.

How will I lose this baby weight (again)?  It’s not easy.  I’m not perfect.  I will have little “failures” here and there and I won’t stick to my plan perfectly.  I all ready know this and will have plenty of grace for it.  My biggest challenge will be patience and keeping my focus on overall health and not on accomplishing a “look” based on a high expectation I tend to set for myself.  I think I do that because I am in the fitness industry.  Unfortunately, I think that if I am not a certain “look”, then people will assume I am not good at what I do.  I think there’s a little truth to that if we’re honest.  It’s like going to get your hair done by a someone with a rat’s nest.  You lose a bit of confidence in their skills based on what they do with their own hair.

This is a year when I will not place value in what people think of how I look.  I will not allow fat talk in my vocab.  I will not focus on a “look”, but rather a balance of healthy choices mixed with enjoyment of life.  I will trust that God will give me everything I need to succeed and He will help reprogram my mind.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I was laid off or “furloughed” from my day job as a Fitness director.  It also included training and teaching at that facility for now.  This is the first time in 16 years that I will not be teaching class or functioning as an on-site trainer.  It will be the first year that I am not on stage.  This will bring some freedom, but also some challenges.  Having 4 kids makes it really hard to find time to exercise.  I know many of you struggle with finding the time.  I’m going to figure it out, even if I’m not “doing it for my job.”  We can do it.  How?  Let me show you.

With my clients (and with myself), I break down my big goal into smaller, weekly goals (and even daily goals).  Small is easier to change if needed (flexibility and “Plan B’s” are essential for a mom of 4).  Small is doable, reachable, manageable and realistic.  If I do a bunch of small things and add them up, I’ll find myself reaching the dream goal in no time!  Here’s an example of what I do each week.  This is for next week beginning this Sunday, the 5th.

planning for blog

I’ve written down when I’ll meal plan and grocery shop based on when my husband is around.  I’ve written in when I’ll cook and when we’ll eat leftovers based on our family’s schedule.  I’ve written in my workout plans also based on when it works best for the family.  Notice I put in a “Plan B” for when life happens (like a sick kiddo, a husband coming home late from work…).  I wrote down 2 things I will focus on for nutrition and 2 things I will focus on for exercise JUST FOR THIS WEEK.  They are SMALL things and they are DOABLE things.  Notice that I didn’t say “No sugar all week.”  Why?  Because I am not a “cold turkey” person.  I don’t believe in “cold turkey”.  It’s a sure fire way to feel deprived and then I’ll feel bad for not making it happen.  I can be successful for 5/7 days and I will feel good about that at the end of the week.  I’ll also be able to enjoy something small 2x this week.  That’s “lifestyle”.  Pre-baby, I worked out 6 days a week.  Notice that I have 3 workouts planned with a Plan B.  As much as I’d like to workout 6x, too hard, too fast is not good after a baby AND again, I am setting myself up for success with “small goals”.

small goals


I’m ready, are you?


***Hey, when I first decided to do this blog, it was a BIG choice for me.  I had asked on Facebook if it would be helpful.  It was decided that it might help readers like you.  As I shared in my first blog post, I’m not usually an open book…especially on the internet.  My sole purpose in this blog is in hopes that it will help girls like me who have felt discouraged before, have engaged in “fat talk” and have struggled with weight loss.  Would you do me and other girls a favor and share this blog?  You can “pin” pics right from this post onto Pinterest.  Put your mouse over a picture you like and a “Pin it” button will pop up.  You can “share it” on Facebook.  Or, you can do it the old fashioned way by telling someone you know that you think this could help.  I am available on Facebook and will do whatever I can on this end of the screen to “In-Courage” anyone who needs it.  Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing.

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