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Gettin’ Naked Series: 2 Must Do’s for Your Success


Groupies and Addictions…who is supporting you and what are you addicted to?

What is this?  Foodies Anonymous?  Maybe.  Last week I told you I had developed the sugar habit again.  I say “again” because it’s not the first time, not the second time and probably not even the 10th time I’ve done it.  Don’t think sugar is addictive?  Eat a treat everyday for 3 weeks and see if you can stop cold turkey.  There is scientific proof that sugar triggers the same areas of the brain that other addictive substances like cocaine trigger.  Seriously!  Maybe you aren’t addicted to sugar, but what else are you addicted to?  Nothing?  Read the definition below and then answer again.

ad·dict  (-dkt)

tr.v. ad·dict·edad·dict·ingad·dicts

1. To cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on a habit-forming substance.
2. To occupy (oneself) with or involve (oneself) in something habitually or compulsively.

If we are honest with ourselves, we’ve all been addicted to something at some point, even if for a few weeks.  Facebook maybe?  Your phone?  A television show?  A drink?  A crunchy snack?  An activity?  A person?  I’ve been addicted to sugar and I’ll tell you what, it’s a hard habit to break!

Here is the 1st thing I am going to claim as being one of the 2 biggest factors in your (and my) success.  If you want to create positive change then you have to replace unhealthy addictions (something done habitually) aka habits with new HEALTHY addictions or habits.  Sweat for sweets.  Gladness for sadness.  Stress releasing  for stress eating.  Water for wine.  That seems like an easy answer for a hard problem you say.  Plus, water doesn’t give the same psychological result as wine, right?  No, it doesn’t.  So go a bit deeper with me.  If you don’t replace a bad habit with a good habit that treats the NEED for the habit, you will easily go back to old ways.  WHY did you pick up the habit in the first place?  Why am I eating too much sugar?  Why do you drink too much wine?  Why do you overeat?  Identifying the “why” will help you identify the trigger to the addiction.  You need to treat the trigger point, not just try to “stop” the habit.  That’s only a temporary fix.

In looking at my “why” for how I got the bad sugar habit THIS time, I really think it was because it’s been an incredibly stressful last few months AND I am super tired from having a baby and being up all night.  Stress causes me to look for something to bring “peace” and being tired weakens my defenses.  Being tired also causes the body to crave things with glucose (energy) and sugar gives a short quick burst of energy (although it drops and then you crave more.)  Knowing my “why” allows me to make a good replacement.  When I feel stressed and need some peace, I should find a replacement that is healthy.  God is the only source of peace in the midst of utter chaos.  Instead of standing at the counter and eating a cookie, I need to get on my knees and let Him fill me.

As for the tiredness, there’s not much I can do about that except acknowledge it and replace the desire for energy with something that will give me lasting energy like good nutrition throughout my day.  The food log will help me with this so that nutrition doesn’t escape me when I am busy taking care of kids!
Replace bad habits with healthy habits that treat the need.  But this is only the 1st part of it.  The 2nd factor that seals our success is our groupies, our accountability, our support system.  You can try try try, but if you surround yourself with people who don’t support your efforts, eventually, you will cave.  Even introverts are made as social creatures.  We need each other!  In the middle of the week, I made no-bake cookies.  That night, after the kids had gone to bed, my husband and I sat down to watch a movie (and dance the baby to sleep.)  I had a cookie.  Then, as I was walking around with the baby, I had another one.  After the baby was asleep, I was cleaning up the kitchen and started picking at another one.  I thought, “this will be fun to tell everyone”!  So, I reached out on Facebook the next day and asked my page friends to give me accountability.  I had a couple take me up on it!  Just knowing that they would all be thinking of it and would call me out on Facebook helped me when my family were all eating treats and when I really wanted to sit down after the kids were asleep and indulge.  I have asked friends to workout with me so that when I am tired and would rather sit and be a slug, I know I have someone waiting for me.  I have talked with my husband about giving me an extra nudge if I feel tired and remind me of my goals.  Even being in this industry for work and having set and met numerous goals, I am not above bad habits and I am not a lone ranger…no one is.
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