It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

Gettin’ Naked Series: 5 Day “Train from Inside Out” Challenge

Gettin’ Naked Series:  5 Day “Train from Inside Out” Challenge

Hey friends…this “Gettin’ Naked” series is challenging me on whole new levels.  Well, this season of life is challenging me on whole new levels and the “Gettin’ Naked” series is documenting a small part of it.  I want to do something.  I’ve been blogging and posting a lot about #FightFatTalk #IAmBeautifulTalk and #PerfectionInfection and I want to not just write about it, I want to do something about it.

For 5 days, I want to suit up, gear up, and dig deep.  I want to do some hard things internally and externally.  You and I were made to be overcomers.  If you have something in front of you that you need to overcome, I want you to join me.  It may be that you’ve always thought you were ugly.  It may be that you feel fat most days.  Maybe you feel like you’ve tried and failed a thousand times to lose weight and keep it off.  Maybe it’s something completely unrelated to your physical health and there’s something else that causes you to loom in it’s shadows.

Grab your big girl panties and your sunglasses and get ready to step out of the shadows with me.  Future’s bright, ladies ;)  Here’s what we’re going to do on the “5 Day ‘Training from Inside Out’ Challenge.”

  1. Each day, I am going to post a short little something that will give us a focus for the day.  This focus will help us start and end our day and will prompt our training on the inside.  It will be motivational, inspirational, and will ask you to apply something, do something or be something that day.
  2. Each day, I am going to post a small physical challenge (with levels for all to participate.)  I may ask you to do something you’ve never done before.  It may be hard, but together, we’re going to do some hard things to demonstrate in a physical way our ability to be overcomers.
  3. We’re going to utilize each other as a community of ladies committed to fighting and battling the things that have defeated us in the past.  We’ll comment about this challenge under the blog posts that include the focus and the physical challenge to encourage each other.  This one is important.

T-together, E-everyone, A-achieves, M-more

To join the challenge, just subscribe to this blog (with your email).  The subscribe box is to the right of this blog post on my website.  You can unsubscribe later if you want, but that way, you’ll get the focus for the day and the challenge right to your inbox as soon as it’s posted!  Ok, go subscribe an we’ll get started on Monday!

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