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Gettin’ Naked Series: Just What DOES a Trainer Trying to Lose Weight Eat?

You might be surprised.  I think as humans, we naturally stereotype individuals.  You know, the trainers that walk around with a clipboard, wearing shirts that are too small so their biceps bulge.  They are often a dark, orangey tan even when it’s below freezing outside.  They drink raw eggs, protein shakes and supplements all day.  You know the type right?

That is NOT me.

Yes, I have a clipboard, but I’d rather workout WITH you than stand around and watch you.  I don’t prefer clothing that “shows off my body” no matter how fit I am.  I don’t look cute when I workout.  I look like a hot mess really.  I might have a matching headband and brightly colored shoes, but it’s likely that my legs aren’t shaved and I’m lucky if they have lotion on them.  Tanning is nice, but expensive, time consuming and it’s probably not the best for my skin.  It’s winter so people expect me to be a nice shade of white.  No need to highlight muscle lines when I’m wearing clothes that cover them :)  I would NEVER drink raw eggs!  YUCK!  Yes, I drink protein shakes only because I’m not good at getting all essential amino acids by food sources.  I take Vitamin D and a pre-natal vitamin because I am nursing.  Nothing else.  Do I think there are other things out there that are good?  Sure, but I am not a big proponent of fitness “performance” related supplements.

I eat brownies.  This trainer does not eat perfectly.

What???!!!  Those of you that really know me know that I am a self proclaimed “dessert queen”.  Having a party?  I’ll probably bring the treat.  I thought I’d post a snapshot of my food log for you.  That way, you can see that I am just like you.  I am NOT perfect and I struggle with the organic vs. cheaper food issues just like you, with the whole foods vs. convenience just like you.  I need more vegetables.  I should probably throw them in my shakes, but until recently my blender stunk so it would leave chunks of stuff in my shake.  Ew.  I try to sneak in veggies into my cooking, but as you may know, I have a very time consuming baby with reflux who HATES to be put down.  It takes me ALL day just to make a simple dinner…no kidding.  SO, chopping and prepping doesn’t always happen.  You also know I like sugar.  I try not to eat a lot of sugar or sugar substitutes, but it’s still a struggle for me.  You’ll see that on my log.

Here’s what I try and stick to as basic healthy choice guidelines:

  1. I always eat breakfast and 80% of the time, it is oats of some sort.  The other times are protein pancakes, whole grain english muffin and every once in awhile a waffle with my family.  .05% of the time it’s dessert leftover from the night before ;)
  2. I look for ways to eat balanced (proteins, carbs and fats) every time I eat.  It’s not always possible, but I try.
  3. I try to get at least 100 g of protein in/day because I am rebuilding my muscle and working out.  My body needs it as fuel for rebuilding.
  4.  I try to stay clear of pre-packaged, preservative laden foods.
  5. I try to stay away from fried or fast foods.
  6. I choose whole grains over the “whites” like whole grain pasta instead of white noodles, brown rice vs. white rice, whole grain bread vs. white bread, etc…
  7.  I try to use “real” food and limit “fake” foods.
  8. I choose lean meats.
  9. I don’t skip meals.
  10.  I limit what I eat after dinner (if I eat after dinner, it’s more of a rarity than a commonality.)
  11. I mostly drink  water and then a small amount of diluted coffee in the morning and occasionally a diet soda, hot tea or iced tea if I am out to eat or at a social event.

That being said, I can always make improvements.  Lately, I’ve had this battle going on inside of my head.  Sometimes, I feel like I have too much information swimming around in my head to be helpful.  Often times, I feel more condemned about what I don’t do rather than feeling happy about the good food choices I make.  Yes, I eat some of the “dirty dozens” because honestly, Super Walmart doesn’t carry organic everything and I seriously don’t have the time, energy, or money right now to travel around to other stores.  I am lucky I get a shower in people.  Am I poisoning my kids?  Some would say so.  I HATE reading articles like that these days that pretty much tell you that a majority of the food available in your normal grocery stores will give you cancer, cause birth defects and learning disabilities.  It’s hard enough being a mom with having that kind of info infiltrating an all ready critical mind.  This post will not reach those of you who are big into homemade this, growing their own everything, organic nazis and specialty items that I haven’t heard of.  Do I believe in eating whole foods?  You bet!  If you are able to do all that I listed, that’s awesome.  Kudos to you.  Just don’t make everyone around you feel like crap because they haven’t gotten there yet.  I also believe in “one thing at a time”.  Perfection is impossible.  This is one area I am not perfect in.  That’s who I’m trying to reach with this post, people who struggle, so you can give yourself a bit of grace and make changes one at a time as you can.

That being said, am I healthy?  YES!  I RARELY get sick, usually have tons of energy (except when we’ve dealt with a newborn with reflux) and I have awesome bloodwork and “medical” type numbers :)  Do I feel good about how I look?  YES!  It’s not perfect, but pre-baby #4 and after every other baby, I was lean (enough for me).  These are pictures taken a few months before getting pregnant with baby #4.  Go ahead and judge.




Here’s  my food log from Saturday.  The one thing missing is Twizzlers at night.  I was stressed and my kids were eating them so I had a couple.  Notice that I ate chips twice, Quiznos, and I lack on veggies big time.


There you have it.  I’m a personal trainer.  I’m a mom of four boys.  I’m a girl who is not perfect.  And that’s ok.  I’ve had the “perfection infection” too many times in my life and it likes to creep up in weird ways.  (I’ll talk about that later.)  Women do it to themselves way too often.  This post is for any of you that might have a little “perfection infection” going on.  The goal is progress not perfection.

progress not perfection

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