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Gettin’ Naked Series: Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me, Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms

Well my sweet Baby is 4 months old and I’m 4 months post-partum, but still look 4 months pregnant. It’s apparent that the extra weight I gathered in the first 4 months of pregnancy is going to be the last to come off. I did lose a couple of extra pounds after starting the hunger scale. That all went well for about a week and then I got tired of paying attention to myself. I got tired of trying to figure out whether I was hungry, thirsty or just having a craving. Ok, let’s just say I was tired. ‘Tis the season. I will eventually come back to the hunger scale, but for now, I need a little motivation boost.

We left town for awhile and I got out of my “rhythm.” I haven’t felt like doing anything, yet I feel like I want to want to do it all. Then I get frustrated with myself for not wanting to do something or for eating a bag of hot tamales, drinking Coke Zero like water while out of town and making edible cookie dough twice. *sigh*

Is it just me or do you find that when you are frustrated with yourself that everything starts looking a little gray? I start to wonder if I am ever going to be out of this season, if I make any difference or if I am just wasting time typing a lot of words. I start thinking that I am grumpy more than I am joyful, failing more than I am succeeding, and just feel like sitting in a corner in time out. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms…

YUCK!!! I do NOT like self pity, self loathing or negativity. It leaves a nasty after taste and the smell of it is present even after you leave the room. Sometimes, I can pull myself out of it fast and sometimes, the attitude adjustment comes just by the turn of a new day (or a new set of hormones.) Right now, I think I need a new rhythm. I’ve started the April Tabata training calendar so I can look forward to something new and different for working out. My husband has agreed to be a guinea pig for some new products I am testing out and wants to make some healthier choices. This will be SUPER helpful for me. (Side note: this DOES NOT happen EVER…for those of you who say it’s harder for you to lose weight because your spouse or family do not eat healthy…well, neither does mine…never has. I can relate. When he said he wanted to makes some changes, of COURSE I jumped on it. Good timing too.)

The point of this whole series is for me to be as real, open and honest about the journey of losing the baby weight. You might get more than you bargained for as I’m “gettin’ naked”, but the point was to let you into my mind, my heart and my life so that you could be encouraged. Not by my struggles, but by realizing you aren’t alone and finding out how I battle these reoccurring monsters that try to tear down women of all sizes, shapes and age. I have been on the battlefield for YEARS and have a few tools under my belt. That doesn’t mean I win each battle, but I am a warrior and I fight battles differently than I used to. So, as I’m “gettin’ naked”, I hope you can learn to fight your battle with sharper swords and with better strategy.

My husband is scheduling a physical. We want to see his numbers before he becomes my test subject. That way I can compare them to the “after numbers”. I am really excited to see what happens. After he gets his numbers we will be changing these things:

  • Shake/smoothie for breakfast (350 calories) + 1 cup of coffee
  • Snack (100-200 balanced calories)
  • Shake/smoothie for lunch (300 calories)
  • Snack (100-200 balanced calories)
  • Whole foods balanced dinner (400-600 calories)
  • Snack (100-200 balanced calories)

*1 day/week, we’ll have a “treat meal” which will include pop, my husband’s ‘vice’.

I will share what our balanced snacks and whole foods dinners are and will eventually tell you what I am “testing” out. (I am always hesitant to promote anything that I haven’t tried, tested and torn apart myself. I’ve been looking at this ‘stuff’ for 4-5 months and can’t try some of it because of nursing thus my husband is the guinea pig. I will share all if I come to place where I can fully “endorse it”.)

So, I am hoping April is a month of change. Tabata training should bring some fitness change. This new nutrition plan should bring some weight loss and hopefully some other health changes. Maybe some sunshine should bring some mood change. A girl can always hope. Even a single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing. Oh and I need to be patient. Real change takes time.
Change takes time

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  1. Out of rhythm…looking gray…feeling grumpy more than joyful…I feel like I relate to so much of this post. Just in a dismal funk and it’s hard to shake once there. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself, as always. So impressed with your willingness to keep battling and sharpening your sword…carry on! And so will I (a little sun and warmth would go a long way though ;) )

    • It’s amazing what a little sun can do :) You know, I’ve realized over the years that either I quit and deal with the awful feelings of giving up and the consequences of that (so many for myself and so many around me) or I can keep fighting and while it hurts sometimes while fighting and there are battle wounds, the victory is worth it. So, battle wounded and weary…I’ll keep fighting :) Thanks for your note and glad to be in the battle next to you ;)

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