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Gettin’ Naked Series: What to Wear and NOT Wear (Guest Blog by Jacqueline Michelle Consulting)

Gettin’ Naked Series:  What to Wear and NOT Wear (Guest Blog by Jacqueline Michelle Consulting)

One of my Top 10 Tips for Losing the Baby Weight (click here for blog post) was to not try on your pre-baby clothes too soon. Why? It’s demotivating! I’ve asked a friend of mine who also happens to be a mom and a professional fashion consultant to give us a few tips of what to wear (and NOT WEAR) during “transitional” stages like post-baby or before you lose weight.

One of the things that makes life life is change. Things change whether we like it or not, embrace it or run from it, accept it or ignore it. And one of the things that change is our body. Sigh. If you’re “in transition” with your body, meaning you are just beginning to exercise or recently had a baby (or not so recently), you still NEED clothes that fit and flatter. I have often heard, “Well, I don’t want to spend money on clothes if I plan to loose weight. It’s a waste of money.” OR “If I continue to wear my clothes that don’t fit, it’s good motivation to keep working at it.” Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Can I say it again? WRONG! Style is not a reward. Style is a tool to help you feel good. When you feel good, that is when you will stay motivated.  Beauty doesn’t have a specific look, or size for that matter. You can look and feel beautiful and confident where you are right now. And you deserve to. Here are a few practical steps to get you there…


It’s true, you don’t want to make a large investment into clothing that is “transitional,” but there does NEED to be an investment. In reality, things could take longer than you originally hope or plan, so if you have clothes that you can feel good in right now, it’s worth it. I’m not saying you should go out and buy a new wardrobe, but I think a few tops and some pants are important. I am constantly telling clients, you don’t need tons and tons of clothes. This is a prevalent misconception. The truth is, if you have 8 outfits that you look great in and wear constantly, people won’t say, “Didn’t you just wear that two weeks ago?” They will notice that you always look good in the clothes you wear. And if you wear your clothes that frequently, you will get your money’s worth. So, start small.

  1. Pants are usually the biggest frustration during transition, so start there. Get a pair of jeans and maybe some leggings. Go for a midrise jean. No, I am not telling you to buy mom jeans, there’s a huge difference. If the rise of your jean is too low, you most certainly will have muffin top. Wearing a midrise jean will help you feel more “tucked in.” Just make sure the band of your pants doesn’t fit too snug. If it freaks you out to buy pants in bigger sizes, then cut out the size tag when you get home, but choose clothing that fits and flatters your current figure.
  2. Another help with smoothing out the tummy and sides is a cami. I recommend buying “slick” camis instead of cotton ones. Other tops and shirts will slide over a slick cami better, whereas cotton ones seem to stick to shirts and don’t offer a smoothing effect. You could also look into buying a shaper cami or other shapewear for some extra hold in the midsection if that’s your desire.
  3. Long flowy shirts and sweaters paired with leggings are very fashionable, but will also help your wiggly bits not feel exposed because nothing will be clingy. I just want to insert a VERY important note here…when wearing leggings…YOUR BUTT MUST BE COVERED, otherwise things get awkward for onlookers (I don’t care how fit you are or are not).

Transition does not have to be dread and tears (although it can be at times). If you choose to embrace the body you presently have and dress the best for your existing shape, you will begin to notice your outlook and perception on your current stage of to change. For the better!


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