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Gettin’ Naked Series: You Can’t Just Focus on the Book Cover

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This post is short and sweet because I’m sending you off to do some inspirational reading.  I have found that when I am discouraged, needing motivation, distracted, stressed, overwhelmed (fill in the blank for any other negative emotion) there are two things that God uses to “speak” to my heart:  someone’s words in writing and music.

I’m sure you have been taking care of your body in this New Year.  You and I have been looking for small steps that will make us healthier people.  But just like the saying eludes “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover”, there’s so much more to you than your “cover”.  If I focus too much on my “cover”, it seems to lead me astray in so many ways.  I have never found that focusing on my body, what I eat, and my health goals 24/7 to lead me to happiness.  If anything, that much focus can lead to discouragement and selfishness.

What I am saying is that feeding my soul is more important than feeding my body.  I have needed some good soul food lately and I am reading something(s) everyday.  God’s words are always the words that do life change, but I wanted to share some of my favorite inspiring reads from the last week that spoke to me.  Maybe they will inspire you too.

This isn’t a “read”, but it’s a short video about a woman who took a challenge to go to the gym 100 days in a row.  She documents how she feels by video clips for those 100 days.  Watch her transform (not just in body, but in her heart.)  Very inspiring.

Mamas, the next two are “must reads”.  The first is a beautiful description of how our body allows us to transform into the miraculous role of “mom”.  She shares about the “lightning bolts” on her sides, the caved in belly button, the gain and loss of weight and the miracle of life.  The second post accurately describes the incredible importance of being a mom.  I have struggled with not valuing that role the way I should.  This gave me a good “jolt” to my heart.  I needed it.  I think every mom needs it every now and then between the spit up, throw up, talking back, temper tantrums, yelling, fighting, sassing, no sleep and constant serving.
We’ve all heard the phrase “God won’t give you more than you can handle”.  This woman shares just the opposite with a message of hope and a reason WHY it feels like we have too much to bear at times.  If you are overwhelmed with your life circumstances, this read is for you.
This writer has such a unique style.  She is creative and poetic, but seems to have the wisdom of an 80 year old.  She is humble and honest and her writing gets me every time.  Loved her focus on what the most important skill of life is.
Same writer as above.  She writes out 25 focuses to tend to our soul this year.  Loved it and was encouraged by all of them.


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