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Gettin’ Naked: The Hunger Games of Weight Loss

I’m 14 weeks post-partum after my 4th child and I am STILL 14 pounds above my pre-baby weight. Yea, I can squeeze into a few pairs of my pre-baby jeans, but by squeeze, I mean I can button them and can feel an “overhang” that reminds me I’m not back to my original size. Boo hoo. Is it harder this time around? Maybe, maybe not. I think part of it might  be that this baby DOES NOT SLEEP. Part of it may be that I’m not teaching classes right now so in essence, I’m not working out for work this time. Part of it may be due to experimenting with foods that are dairy free, soy free, etc…that I can look forward to. It could be that I have 4 kids and less time to focus on a food log and exercise. Yea or maybe it’s all of them.

As a side note, I measured my foot the other day. Pre-baby I was a size 9.  I am now a size 10.5 so it’s not just my midsection that is not it’s original size! No wonder I felt like the ends of my toes were bruised! New shoes on the way. Maybe they will make me want to workout more at home. I don’t like working out at home because I don’t like being interrupted. Being at home means multi-tasking with about 6 different things at once almost always with a baby in one arm.

new shoes

My new shoes coming! You like?

Enough of that. If you want to change, then you better change some daily things, right? I’ve been blogging for a couple of different websites and trying to keep up with my own business, website and Facebook so getting back on the computer to do a food log is the last thing I want to do with my “spare” time. I have a different idea. I don’t want to keep a food log for the rest of my life. What I want to be able to do is eat healthy without thinking about it, eat treats in moderation and never overeat for dumb reasons. I want to eat to live and not live to eat.

I read a book years ago called “Thin Within.” This book recommended using a “hunger scale.” I am going to do 2 new things this week:

  1. I’m going to start the 21-Day Countdown to Spring Challenge (I need to change things up…I get bored.)
  2. I’m going to use the “Hunger Scale” for my nutrition/eating control

Here’s the hunger scale (Jamie’s version.)

0- STARVING (stomach growling, feels like an empty pit, I’m usually super grumpy and could eat a horse)
2- REALLY hungry (it’s probably been more than 3 hours since you’ve eaten last and you can’t wait to eat)
4- Hungry, but not overly hungry where you are constantly thinking about food
6- Satisfied
8- A little uncomfortable (probably continued to eat for the wrong reasons or ate too fast and didn’t notice I was satisfied)
10- FULL (ate WAY TOO MUCH and am HURTING…rare that I do this, but I hate it when I do.)

I am going to try to stay within 3-6 everyday, all week. That means, when I am a little hungry (4/5), I’ll eat until I am a 6 and no more than a 6. This will require me to pay attention to how I feel and RESPOND to how I feel. It’s often that I’m hungry in between breakfast and lunch and am often hungry in late afternoon (before dinner). This will make my dinners smaller or non-existent and that’s ok. I’ll sit with my family with a big glass of fruit infused water and enjoy their company.

The book I mentioned suggests that people who maintain their healthy weight stay within 4-7 at all times and people losing weight will be 3-6. People who eat to an 8-10 often gain weight over time as well as people who allow fluctuations as big as dropping to a 1 frequently.

I’ll be posting more on this hunger scale and how it goes for me this week on Facebook. Join me if you’d like! It may produce a really good habit of listening to our body and letting it’s natural hunger signals fall into place!

Ok, here’s my 14 week pics. Below it are weeks 1, 4 and 6. Not much difference from weeks 6-14.  6 pounds on the scale. I’m determined now to make a visible difference. I’m really ready to feel like me again.

Losing the baby weight. 14 weeks post partum

6 week progression 6 week progression side

6 week progression back

As another side note, here’s a picture taken a few minutes after the 14 weeks one above. Wearing clothes that fit (even if they are in a size that we don’t like) can make it appear that we are smaller. Not as much hanging over the edges in this pic ;)

14 weeks post partum pic

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