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Gettin’ Naked: What the heck???!!!

Gettin’ Naked:  What the heck???!!!

“What the heck???!!!”

Have you ever said that or something similar when you get on the scale?  It usually comes after some time of hard work, focus, and good eating.  You get on, expecting to see one thing and then get something totally different.  Uh, yea.  That is what I said today when I weighed in this morning.  ”What the heck??!!!”

I’ll be totally  honest.  I haven’t logged my food everyday.  Sometimes, the food log slips under other priorities and sometimes I just don’t feel like it.  But, I haven’t lost focus as to what I am eating or how much of it.  We did go out to eat a couple of times this week, once as a family and I went once for a birthday party.  The meals themselves weren’t super beneficial, but I know it didn’t take me too far over my calorie range (for weight loss).  If anything, they were probably needed (a few more calories) because I was a bit low on a couple of other days.  Oh, and I did NOT do what I wanted to with sugar.  I had a treat 4x this week.  (The “win” with the treat thing is that I had 1 brownie…not 2 and I did NOT clean up the edges.  When we had ice cream, I had 1 scoop, not 3 and I added nothing on top.  This is a big deal for me folks. :)  Again, I counted it into my calorie allotment.)  I got all of my workouts in and I pushed pretty hard this week.  I also weighed in on Thursday just because I was curious and I was down another pound from last week.  My expectation for the scale today was to have lost at LEAST another two pounds in a week’s time.  I actually thought it might be a little more and I’d have to be better about getting all of my calories in so I don’t lower my milk supply accidentally. The scale said I had gained back 1.5 pounds of the 2 that I had lost. It was up 2.5 from Thursday. To gain 2.5 pounds, I would have had to have eaten an extra 7000 calories or so in 3 days. If all of the above wasn’t accurate, I KNOW I didn’t eat an extra 7000.

What do you do with a “what the heck??!!!” weigh in?  Well, since it’s just this once, I will tell myself what I would tell my clients.  I lifted heavy last night and it is very likely that I have some water sitting in my muscles ready for rebuild.  I also know there are other factors that affect weight like going potty.  I’ll say no more.  Weight is a goofy thing and that’s why I don’t like using it as the sole factor of change.  If I were my own client, I’d tell myself, “Let’s crack down on the log again this week and make sure that’s not a factor.  Let’s stick to the workout plan and make sure to drink the water.  Weigh again after a couple of good focused days to see if there is a difference and prove it was a just a fluke weigh in.”  That’s what I’d tell my clients and I’d reassure them that there is nothing to worry about.  I’d do my best to encourage them that they are doing all of the right things.

While I KNOW these things and I’d tell them to someone else, I still feel disappointed.  I blogged about disappointment last week.  I had an expectation that was not met and now I’m disappointed.  I think the disappointment for me is more far reaching than this week’s weigh in.  I’ve waiting all year to have my body back.  I’ve mentioned before that with my other three pregnancies, I was able workout and work like normal.  I didn’t feel like pregnancy held me back from too much that I wanted to do physically.  This time around was totally different.  Coming off of a car accident, I had some weak areas to begin with.  Then I had the whole vertigo business on top of it.  By 32 weeks, I was contracting too often without getting them to go away so for the last couple of months, I wasn’t able to do much at all.  I have been anxiously awaiting the time when I could get my “old body” back and do what I love doing.  Then I went through losing my job and am unable to teach group fitness at this time.  I LOVE teaching group fitness.  I had to settle within myself that I can’t allow that to be my only motivation for getting my “old body” back.  I needed to find my other reasons and make them higher priority.  Health and wholeness is so much more right?  That’s what we keep saying.  I’m tired of my “transitional clothing”.  I’m tired of looking like a stranger in the mirror.  I’m tired of being out of shape.  I just want it all back…now.

Here’s what I’d say to my clients, “Jamie, your body has accomplished an amazing feat.  It’s now in the recovery process and it’s a just a season.  You’ve done this baby fat weight loss 3 times before.  You know what to do.  It takes time and you’re in no hurry.  It’s a journey of learning and living.  You can do this.  One day at a time of making a lot of good little choices will lead you to your healthy, fit self.  It may not be exactly as you expect.  It may be even better!  Adjust your expectations and keep in mind true wholeness not just what you see in a mirror or what you used to do with your time.  To heck with the scale.  You’ve done great and have made some healthy changes and choices in the last several weeks.”

Yea, to heck with the scale.

****Side note: No pics this week.  Not because of my weigh in. :)  It’s because you don’t need to see me every 2 weeks. ;)  I’ll probably do them 4-6 weeks a part for awhile.  The next pics will feature clothing for the “transitional stages”.  I have a friend who is a fashionista and does fashion consultation for a living.  She will be a guest blogger and will write a post for us giving us some advice in what to wear to feel our “hotness” even in this transitional time.

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