It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

Gratitude Supports Latitude

latitude and gratitude

Waking up to little boy whispers, fuzzy fleece sheets, sound of coffee pot going, feeling of sitting down after a long day, sparkly dust particles dancing in the air as the sun shines through the back windows, snow melting and creating shiny, glassy puddles on the back patio table, 3 boys giggling at each other while eating lunch…

These are just a FEW of the thousands of things I am grateful for today.  Gratitude is more than being thankful.  Gratitude is thankfulness on a whole new level.  Gratitude is an understanding of how RICH your life is because of something.  Gratitude brings a deep sense of peace even if there’s a storm.  Gratitude helps you appreciate the moment, stay on course for the journey and allows you to celebrate life and every step of learning and growing we take.

Why am I spending time talking about Gratitude on a site called “workoutplanz”.  There’s a very specific reason actually.  I believe that Gratitude might be 1 common factor amongst all successful people.  I KNOW Gratitude is a common factor amongst all happy people.  Gratitude grows, gratitude shows and gratitude produces a “can do”, “I know I can”, “I want to help you!” attitude.  It takes us outside of ourselves and allows us to propel forward at a speed unmatched by normal daily living.  I am venturing to say, that if you and I live a life of Gratitude, we will find a jet-pack propulsion of new Latitude, a forward momentum towards our dreams and goals.

If you want to make headway on your goals and find the success you’ve dreamed about, then start by developing the habit of Gratitude.  I am challenging you to take the next 6 weeks or 42 days and create a dated list of your Gratitudes and your Latitudes like the one below.

42 Days of Latitude and Gratitude List

I am asking you to find Gratitude in all things.  Can you even find Gratitude in the midst of an obstacle or problem?  I was challenged the other day to find Gratitude in the midst of my boys fighting.  I was grateful for an opportunity to teach my kids what to do when they are angry and teach my kids to ask for forgiveness when they’ve hurt someone.  I am still working on that skill, but I think we all get plenty of opportunities to find Gratitude in storms.  Find even the smallest of reasons to have gratefulness.  I am guaranteeing that if we put our heart and soul into searching for Gratitude, you and I will find ourselves in a new place with all kinds of Latitude and Momentum moving us forward!

While finding Gratitude, I am challenging you to acknowledge your Latitude.  Every step in the right direction is a step worth celebrating!  One of my clients said this morning that she REALLY wanted to eat the last brownie with her coffee for breakfast and most of the time, she would find herself doing so.  But today, she didn’t.  That’s LATITUDE!  Practicing discipline is LATITUDE!  My latitude for today is making 4 pounds of chicken in the crockpot so that I will have the chicken prepared for several healthy meals this week!  This helps me to be prepared for the nights that are busy and the times when something else seems easier.  Planning in advance for a healthy week is LATITUDE!  Acknowledge 1 Latitude every day for the next 42 days along with your Gratitudes.

I’m thinking you are going to start noticing that you are leaking joy and the people around you are going to wonder what your secret is.  Give them the Gratitude and Latitude challenge!  Have them join us on Facebook for the “42 Days of Gratitude and Latitude” Event!  Share your Gratitudes and Latitudes as a blog comment or on Facebook.  I’d LOVE to hear what discoveries you’re finding!

grateful for this day

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