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Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Makes My Day

greek yogurt cream cheese

I was grocery shopping the other night and it was such an awesome experience!  I know, you’re thinking, “How can grocery shopping be an awesome experience?”  Trust me, I usually dread it.  First of all, I shop at Super Wal-mart.  I usually have to spend a couple hours to decompress after that experience all by itself.  Not only is it full of crazy people who get irritated that I am going either too slow or too fast, but it’s also usually so packed full of these people that you feel like you’ve left with burn holes and bruises all over from evil glares and cart bumping.  Well, this night, it WASN’T busy.  It was QUIET!  I even shouted that word because it’s never quiet…not in Wal-mart and not in my house.

Second of all, I am a mom of 3 boys ages 2 to 10 years old and a majority of the time, I am shopping with them.  This usually means I am playing referee, lawyer (arguing why they can’t get something and trying to convince them why I am right), and entertainer because my 2 year old has an attention span of well, a 2 year old!  So, when I get home, not only do I have to decompress from the whole Walmart experience, but I have to decompress from the stressful job it is to shop, think and keep track of my kids at the same time!  (FYI: If you don’t have boys, here’s a little perspective for you.  What we recognize as white aisles for pushing shopping carts, they see as raceways; shiny and clean ready for action!)  On this night, I was by MYSELF!  I capitalized it again!  If you’re a mom, how often does THAT happen?

So, as you can see, it was all ready turning out to be a nice evening and THEN…I saw it.  I squealed.  No really, I squealed.  The college aged dude by the eggs looked at me in surprise.  I was so excited to see Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese!  Now, it isn’t healthy enough to become a staple, BUT it DOES have pro-biotics and more protein!  And, as I get to in a minute, it tastes AWESOME!

Now you can see why my night of grocery shopping was AWESOME!

The first chance I had to make something with it was the next day for lunch.  I had BBQ chicken left over from the night before so I decided I’d make a BBQ Chicken Wrap much like what you see below except I didn’t take a picture of mine.  I was too excited to eat mine and didn’t even think to take a picture!

BBQ chicken wrap

I took 2 Tbs. of the cream cheese and spread it all over the multi-grain flatout wrap I had.  Then, I shredded the chicken and laid it over the top.  I layered it with kale (you could use lettuce), tomato slices and cilantro.  Next time, I am going to stir-fry some red peppers and onions up to put inside.  Another option would be to add a bit of corn and black beans!  To me, cilantro is a necessity in this one.  Upon first bite, I was in love!

So, that night I made my protein pancakes.  I mixed my special cream cheese with a bit of Splenda.  I spread it over the warm pancakes and topped with diced strawberries!  I loved it so much I ate that again for breakfast!

strawberry protein pancakes

Here’s a link to my pin of my protein pancake recipe that I put on Pinterest.


Now that you are drooling, what else can we use this lovely cream cheese for???

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