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How to Travel and Keep You and Your Family Healthy (by Kendra Thornton)

We are lucky to have this blog post by Kendra Thornton, travel expert, who is also a mama of 3 kiddos and strives to stay healthy, stay fit and keep her family healthy all while traveling the world!  My clients are always worried about how they can stay healthy while either traveling for work or for fun.  So, hey, if you’re traveling to warmer destinations this month (I’ll be jealous), you’ll want to keep these tips in mind. Thanks, Kendra. (More about Kendra at the end of the post.)

I’ve always believed in feeling good and looking great, and with being a mom to three busy kids I don’t have a choice but to be active! I always make a conscious effort to stay fit while at home and on the road, vacationing or everyday routine.  I wanted to share some of my own tips and tricks for staying healthy when traveling. Each tip is useful, whether you’re flying, driving or walking to your destination, and each tip ensures a quality time during stressful travels.

Kendra's crew

Kendra’s crew

  1. Sleeping and Flying: When you’re flying with the kids, don’t wake them up when they fall asleep after takeoff. You might be worried about waking them up, or you might worry about the pressure’s effect on their ears. But, the truth is, letting them cry it out can be a great way to help their ears clear up. However, ENT specialists recommend keeping the child awake for the landing.
  2. Pre-plan your trip! I always try and plan vacations that get my family up on their feet and having fun! Whether it’s Colorado to go skiing or Orlando to walk the various amusement parks – I find the best vacations are the active ones. Even if your trip isn’t centered around an activity, always take the time to get your exercise in whether it’s at the beach, hiking or walking to new adventures!
  3. Avoiding Dehydration on the Plane: Before you board, make sure your child is hydrated to keep them alert. Non-international flights sell water beyond security checkpoints, so be sure to take advantage of the local stands before flying with your kid. It’s better for the kids to fill up on water rather than sugary sodas or juices that will inevitably have them crashing later!
  4. Make Sure Your Kids are Filled Up: Before you go on a plane, bus, or train, make sure your children have enough to eat, and make sure they’re filled up on food before departure.  Motion sickness can be accelerated on an empty stomach, so be sure to reduce sicknesses beforehand by supplying your child with complex carbohydrates and easily-digestible food. Also, beware of fatty foods. I always pack nutritious snacks in my purse – raisins, nuts, granola bars or little fruits cut up are get to keep the kids sufficed yet healthy at the same time!
  5. Swap Heels for Sneaks – It’s important for me not to take home any extra ‘luggage’ on vacation – so I always try to get a solid walk or jog in the morning before my kids wake up.  I find that I feel so much better about myself throughout the day and have a great energy levels when I get a workout in the morning. Having a large, healthy breakfast (eggs/toast/fruit) is also something I’m big on!

I hope these were of benefit and I would love to hear how you stay fit while traveling!  For more about staying in shape on the road and keeping your family healthy while traveling, check out this article.

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