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I’d Rather Share Bath Water

This post is by one of the most awesome people I know, Regan Murray. She is hilarious and should really have her own talk show. I asked if she’d just give us a piece of her mind so that we can have a break from our own and just smile a bit. I hope to hear more from her.

In comparison to times in history, life should be easy. We don’t have to pee in out houses, wash our clothes in the river, warm ourselves by a fire, entertain ourselves with reading a book (from the one or two books in print), eat food that had to be prepared at the sake of our friend Mr. Chicken, or bathe in semi-warm water shared with everyone else in the household holding out hopes we go first so the water is actually clean. If we want to see our friends, we don’t have to saddle up the wagon and ride the many miles until we see any other sign of life or wait for the once a month postal delivery. Those times must have been rough, but even with that understanding, our parents, grandparents, greats and great greats don’t have to live with these things:

  • Being accessible 24/7. Seriously. Why do we all feel a little anxiety (and also relief) when we forget our cell phone or the battery dies and we have no charger?
  • Worrying about the fact that the food we like could slowly be killing us. Thanks alot Red Dye 40, Yellow Dye, Gluten, GMOs, Sugar, Wheat, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Preservatives, McDonalds (nooooooooo…..) etc… I never remember my mom reading the labels on things except for how much something cost. (My mom still shops at the 99cent store.)
  • Today your best friend is generally the person you text or Facebook the most not necessarily even someone you see. Who has time to hang out when we are so busy posting 24/7 where we are, what we are eating, who we are with, how much fun we are having?
  • As a parent, the pressure couldn’t be greater today. School was optional way back in the day and when we went to school, finger painting was still the main curriculum in Kindergarten. Today, if our kids aren’t reading by the time they are half way through the first day of kinder, we are feeling like failures. We feel the pressure to discover their hidden talent whether it be soccer, basketball, baseball, dance, gymnastics, swimming, singing, acting, art and we need to do it asap so we can “develop” it so they can be discovered. Aren’t we all raising the next Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Justin Bieber?
  • Then, let’s start talking about our bodies. It isn’t just okay to be “not fat.” We need to be exercising, eating healthy trying to live to be 100 so we can truly master all of the electronics that are coming out every month. Don’t upgrade your phone yet because next month another new I-Phone version will be coming out. Keeping up with the Jones’ used to be our neighbors.  Now, it is everyone we know or don’t know but that we “see” and “connect with” via the internet. Thanks to Facebook and Pinterest, we need to make amazing recipes, host the best parties and do great activities with our family that we can record and post to make others see how great we are.

Hmmmmm…all things considered sharing a little bath water with my family doesn’t sound so bad…

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