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A “Jumpstart Journey”: Day 4 and 5

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This is a continuation of the “Jumpstart Journey” as journaled by Laura, my mom.  She is sharing “what to expect” when doing the Jumpstart plan as well as tips that make the journey easier, recipes and the benefits she and my dad are receiving!

Day 4:  Over the Hump!
Wow, today is markedly different than the first three days! I feel pretty good with no headaches, body aches, foggy brain or listless legs. That means that my body is doing a great job of flushing out the toxins and I am doing a great job of sticking to the meal plan!

I wanted to diverge just a bit here to tell you what is happening with my husband who is a Type 1 diabetic. Using the six mini-meals a day plan, he is able to maintain his blood sugar at a steady number rather than the previous attempts to take insulin after every meal to counteract the carbohydrates. Since our carbohydrates are limited to more natural sources like fruits and vegetables and I have eliminated grains, pasta, and breads, he seems to be able
to maintain blood sugar levels much easier. He also informed me that he isn’t taking any Humalog (his daytime insulin) and is trying to reduce his Levemir (nighttime insulin) today to see what happens there.  He still takes his Metformin tablet twice a day. I am excited about the reduction of insulin that he requires each day. That has to be better for him in the long run.  Also, having his blood sugar leveled out all day long is great for his body overall!  I am proud of him sticking with it along side of me even though he feels like he is drowning with all the liquid.

We are both hoping for lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol as a result of eating better.  We had a discussion today about needing to really look at changing our eating habits for a lifetime rather than viewing this adventure as temporary. Less sugar, caffeine, and salt in our diet will make a difference over a period of time. We didn’t think that we ate all that badly before as I have cut out most prepared foods and eat fresh daily. We also drink plenty of water
and don’t drink pop or alcohol on a daily basis. Actually, I don’t drink pop at all. There is no benefit to it and it is empty calories as they say. But the difference here lies in the quantity and quality of fruits and vegetables and the reduction of other nonessential carbohydrates. For example, instead of reaching for a rice cake or cracker (most of the time more than one), I am
now reaching for fresh fruit or vegetables that have been cut up and paired with a nutritious dip like guacamole (prepared the detox way, of course). The numbers don’t lie in my husband’s case and I am sure that we will see other benefits as the time passes.

Day 5:  Veggie Treasures

I was very busy today it seems and I didn’t eat very many calories. I was only averaging about 400 calories total by 5 o’clock so I had a treat of hazelnuts and brazil nuts sans salt. That put on the calories, but oh, so good.

I am noticing that my sinuses are clearing and I don’t have as much congestion in my nasal passages.  Usually, I have a continually runny nose. Maybe that is the lack of dairy in my diet at the moment or something else. My husband and I feel pretty energetic today. A trip to a neighboring town for a little shopping was called for but that meant packing a snack and the cranberry juice. That isn’t such a chore really because the drink can go in those Starbuck’s coffee mugs you aren’t using currently. Grabbing a couple of crisp, juicy apples to go along with that was just the ticket.

My husband, being diabetic, has to be careful to eat a balance of carbohydrates throughout the day so he doesn’t have hypoglycemic symptoms. I am studious about spreading out the fruit portions throughout the day and we took a few dried apricots along for the trip just in case. Normally, I don’t think dried fruit is a better option for the detox program, however, it is natural and it is packed with quick sugar for someone who is experiencing a blood sugar low.

Tonight we had a yummy cumin, paprika sprinkled chicken with a half of zucchini baked in the oven. Its side-kick was the most sweet, tender and delicious beets. Root vegetables are great as “go withs” and the beet is hands down the best because of its natural sweetness. On the diet, you are supposed to gain your taste bud super powers back and after not eating salt and sugar, you sure do appreciate the natural flavor of the fruits and vegetables. Fruits seem especially sweet and vegetables have their own distinct,
wonderful flavor. I love making a salad and discovering all the little “veggie treasures” under the lettuce as I consume it.

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