It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

Lose 10 Pounds before Summer!

winter weight Ha ha!  Maxine’s sarcasm cracks me up.  There’s always a hint of truth behind it that we can almost relate to so it makes us giggle.  So fess up.  Are you feeling like you’ve got a bit of winter weight from this winter or winters past?  No better time than right now to shed a bit of that and start making some changes in your lifestyle!

Easier said than done you say?  Maybe.  Really, the hardest part is finding a plan, making the action steps and then being determined and committed to that plan long after your motivation has left you.  That’s what I’m here for; to help you with the plan, help you with the action steps and then keep you motivated by sharing tips, recipes, and motivating thoughts to push you forward!

Let’s get started.

The Plan:  It Starts with the Realistic Goal

Let’s give ourselves 8 weeks.  A healthy amount of weight to lose in that time is 4-16 pounds (depending on where you are starting.)  What that means is you need to know where you are starting and what is realistic for where you can go!  Use this quick little equation to give you a “ballpark” answer.

105 + (your height in inches over 5′) times 5= middle weight

middle weight minus 10 pounds = lowest weight

middle weight plus 10 pounds = highest weight

For example I am 5’8″.  My height in inches over 5′ is 8.  8 * 5 = 40

105 + 40 = 145 middle weight

145-10= 135 lowest weight

145+10= 155 highest weight

So the range for 5’8″ is 135-155 pounds.

For my body type (bone size, muscle amount, etc…) I find that 155 is too high.  My bodyfat would be high at that range so it’s not an ideal weight for me.  135 on the other hand is when I am at my leanest.  It’s hard to keep my body weight at 135 without being incredibly strict and my body fat is usually lower than 17% at that weight.  I find 140 is the weight that is best for me.  I fit my clothes best, my body fat is excellent and I feel great at that weight.  (Do I fluctuate, you bet!  Just want to keep it real so you know that weight fluctuates on EVERYONE so don’t get set on 1 number!)

You’ll have to decide what number is best for you right now in this season of life, but this gives you a start.

Now that we have an idea of what is ideal and realistic, we need to look at where we are starting.  Weigh yourself then don’t weigh yourself again until this time next week.  No need to check the scale multiple times a day unless you want to see how much your dinner weighed or how much water you just drank.  Seriously.  It is not helpful to weigh more than 1x/week.  So, weight now and then write it down.  If you have more than 16 pounds to lose, then pick a number between 4-16 pounds to lose in the next 8 weeks.  If you have less than 5 pounds to lose, then know ahead of time that “the last 5″ will take discipline and great intention in both nutrition and exercise.  Decide how much weight you want to lose in 8 weeks and write it down.  This is your commitment to yourself.


Health weight range= 135-155

My start weight: 145

Weight I want to lose in 8 weeks: 5 pounds

Now we’ve got a realistic, measurable goal.  Now we can create the rest of the PLAN.

The Plan:  Our Action Steps

Our plan for 8 weeks includes both nutrition and exercise.  The main goal in the nutrition category is “Clean it Up!”  Last week, I posted 6 ways to “Clean up your Diet.”  Take a look at that post and see what action step you will take this week to clean it up.  The main goal for exercise is to “Turn it Up!”  You have to take what you are doing now and “turn it up” a notch.  More time (from 30 minutes to 40 minutes instead), more often (from 3x/week to 4x/week), more intensity (heavier weight, faster pace), something new (a new kind of workout.)  Knowing this, what way will you “turn it up”?  Plan for it!  Write it down and schedule it in!  You’ll get more results if you “turn it up” in more ways than one!  Take your normal 5 mile running route and change the route AND add 4 sprints somewhere throughout your run!  You changed the route and you changed the intensity!  You could even see if you can run 5.5 miles (go longer!)  That would be getting crazy!  You see what I mean though.

Your homework:

  • Figure out your healthy weight range.
  • Write a realistic weight loss goal for 8 weeks.
  • Write out 8 action steps (1 for each week) in both the “CLEAN IT UP” (nutrition) and “TURN IT UP” (exercise) categories.
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In this webinar, I’ll cover the “Clean it up” and “Turn it Up” with more specifics and “how to’s”.  I’ll give you more of the game plan to help you reach your pre-summer goal.

summer ready

  • Share this with a friend.  Get on the same page with someone and hold each other accountable.  WAY better chance of getting WAY better results!

Here’s to your SUCCESS!

“Success…plan on it!”  :)

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  1. Thanks for posting this helpful tool for how to find a healthy weight! My BMI range is so wide that I never know for sure… My goal for now is just to get out of being “Overweight, but once I’m there, then figuring out a settling place will be that much easier.

    • You are so welcome. I don’t like BMI mostly because if you’re building muscle than you might weigh a little more than the average girl. I think a 20 pound range gives room for bigger frames, stronger builds and also for the petite folks. You and I both know there can be a teeny tiny 5’5 girl and a strong, stalky 5’5 and they may weight 20 pounds different which is OK!

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