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“You can’t out exercise a bad diet!”

Nutrition is often the hardest part for people trying to lose weight or create a healthy lifestyle, especially when cooking for more than just themselves.  Finding family friendly, healthy AND YUMMY meals can be hard and you can spend countless hours on Pinterest, blogs and looking in cooking magazines to find some that sound good or that don’t have 20 ingredients and 20 steps to complete.

The entire purpose behind this website is to HELP and ENCOURAGE.  We want to make this easier for you because we know how dieting, exercising and trying to lose weight can be incredibly frustrating and discouraging.

Knowing this, we have set out to create:

1.  Easy to use,

2.  Simple to plan,

3.  Perfectly balanced (with roughly 40-45% carbs, 30-35% protein and 25-30% fat),

4.  Family friendly,

5.  Time saving, and

6.  Delicious


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Meal Plan #1-   $24

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Each meal plan includes:

      • Directions for how to use it
      • Meal Plan calendar (filled out and blank in case you want to rearrange when you’ll use recipes)
      • 16+ Recipe cards with PICTURES including Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and Dinner
      • Compiled Grocery lists for the all recipes
      • Staples grocery list to use for keeping your home stocked with healthy foods

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How the meal plans are set up:

The plans are broken into 2 weeks at a time.  When you download the plan, you’ll see the first 2 weeks put together with a specific grocery list for those 2 weeks followed by the plan and recipes for 2 weeks.  Then, there is another set of directions, plans, grocery lists and recipes for weeks 3 and 4.  Not many people grocery shop for 4 weeks at a time and it’s easier to make BIG CHANGES in SMALL STEPS. The recipes are labeled as “Breakfast A”, “Breakfast B”, and so on.  If the plan says to eat “Breakfast A” on Monday, but “Breakfast A” takes 20 minutes and you need something faster, you can substitute.  You will be able to substitute A in for B if you prefer because each meal is designed with the perfect balance of nutrients.  We’ve made it easy for you to interchange recipes based on your time schedule, what works best for your family and what your favorites are.  

Meal Plan Bonus Features:

A bonus feature is that each recipe has a “Quick Tip” at the bottom.  It will either help you save time on the recipe or give you variations of the recipe to customize it based on your preferences.  On top of the quick tip, each recipe also tells you how many servings it creates, how much prep time it takes, how long it takes to cook and approximately how long from start to eat time it takes to make it!  

Meal Plan Contributors:

Jamie, from Workoutplanz, and Janet, from Fit4HISGlory have partnered to create these meal plans!  With Jamie’s 15 years of meal planning experience for her family of 5 and for hundreds of personal training clients and Janet’s love of healthy cooking as a fitness competitor and trainer, the meal plans are tested, tried and true!  (Oh and super yummy!  Kids tested, mother approved here :) Many of you have tried Janet’s delicious recipes.  You can find her on Pinterest at and on Facebook at  janet and logo   jamie and logo Time to make your life easier and healthier!  Purchase your meal plan below!

Meal Plan #1- $24

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