It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

Mr. Picky Likes It!

All of my boys have something in common, their flaring nostrils. They don’t flare unless they are eating something they don’t like which used to happen at almost every single dinner I’d make. We have rules about being grateful and not saying “ew” and “yuck” and they are always required to try a bite. But, I would also go out of my way and make each dinner according to what each kids preferred. Not any more. What am I teaching by doing that? What do I WANT to teach?

When we decided it was time to make nutritional changes for our whole family (read this post), that meant that there was no longer going to be “mom’s healthy food” and the kids’ food. That meant that one bite of veggies wasn’t enough. That also meant that the time I was taking making 3 different dinners would now be spent on making more things homemade and healthy and finding new ways to disguise or prepare otherwise known as “nostril flaring foods.”

It’s taken time. It’s taken patience. It’s taken some research and resourcefulness. I have tried all kinds of new things and it’s been a process of one small step after another. Some steps have failed and I try again. Others, we are still working on and tackling. I was overwhelmed at first and didn’t know where to begin. That’s why I was so thrilled to find Isagenix, solutions to the problems I was trying to address with Noah (depleted of nutrients and toxicity). I could give him nutrition now and work on his palate and bad food habits a little at a time.

We have not been perfect. I don’t buy absolutely everything organic. We’ve still eaten out (but at restaurants that are local and I know what goes into the food) and we’ve still had treats (mostly made at home, but yummy!) The kids still get to have treats at birthday parties and I’m not going to flip out if the neighbor offers them a bright blue popsicle. I am convinced of two things concerning nutrition: 1) It does not have to be hard and 2) It does not have to be depriving and painful.

I wanted to show you the difference we’ve made in our kids’ diets in just 5 months.
We the kids used to eat and what they're eating now.  Changing things one step at a time!

Noah wouldn’t touch vegetables and he didn’t like any kind of meat unless it was chicken nuggets. He was hooked on milk and juice and it was hard for me to get him to drink water. I wanted to share this with you for a couple of reasons. I know it is overwhelming to make change. I was overwhelmed! I know it seems impossible, but it’s NOT! You have to be ok with changing things a little at a time. Start with something that would be easiest to change. For example, instead of cutting out waffles all together, I experimented with easy, but healthy homemade waffle recipes. I experimented using almond milk and coconut milk in the recipes, eliminating white sugar and using whole wheat flour. Now, I don’t make waffles usually. I make them protein pancakes using oats, organic cottage cheese and organic eggs. Or, pancakes with banana, egg, and almond butter. They LOVE them both and say “yes!” when I tell them that’s what we’re eating. I didn’t start there though!

Another reason I wanted to share this is that while I am working on making changes, Isagenix has helped me to provide excellent nutrition to my kids and to my husband and I in ways our food cannot. It has taken the pressure off of me, given me solutions to the problems we were trying to solve and as a result, the nutrition has given us optimal health (which includes Noah not having seizures for almost 8 weeks now!) I don’t think most people give food enough credit for either helping them or hurting them. It’s easy to ignore if you don’t have a life-threatening issue like seizures. But what if you could lose weight EASILY and keep it off EASILY?  Wouldn’t that be amazing? What if those pesky headaches are caused by dehydration and a lack of nutrients? Wouldn’t life be totally different if you weren’t affected by those headaches all of the time? I know how I am when I have a headache…GRUMPY! My grumpiness affects everyone who crosses my path! There might be things you’re not even thinking of that are caused by nutrition (or lack of it!)  Your energy level, your creaky joints, your swollen hands, your foggy brain, your depression, your anxiety, your mood swings, your acne, your dry and brittle nails… all of these things can be caused by lack of nutrients. AND, it’s proven that heart disease, cancers, diabetes and many other diseases are caused by foods or things IN our foods.

I am not telling you this to scare you. I’m telling you this because there’s hope for a better life for you. I’m telling you this because it doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming or expensive. I’m telling you this because I know you’ve tried to find solutions to your health problems whether it’s weight loss, depression, skin rashes or whatever. This is a solution. I dare you to make the changes. Your life is worth it. Your kids deserve it. You won’t be disappointed.

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