Pantry Overhaul

Time to Overhaul the Pantry

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The definition of “Healthy” eating seems to change dependent on what magazine you are reading, what diet you follow or what celebrity is popular at the moment.  Trends, fads, and myths take place of truth and make our life difficult in trying to determine what we should eat, where we find it in the grocery store and what meals we can plan that everyone in our family will enjoy and benefit from nutritionally.  This guide will teach you how to weed out the fact from the fiction, the myth from truth and will also give you a practical guide to completely overhauling your pantry and refrigerator.  There are 4 steps that will take you through this process leaving you educated, clear and prepped for a healthy and realistic diet and leaving your cupboards full of nutritious foods!

Plan Content

  • 4 step guide to learn:
    • How to read food labels, decipher packaging lingo, and what kinds of ingredients to look for and avoid.
    • Easy tips in how to find the healthiest foods in the grocery store and then incorporate them into our diet more often.
    • A practical activity to help you remove foods that have little benefit from your pantry and refrigerator while helping you decide what foods are best to keep and why.
    • A healthy foods grocery list.
    • 10 Get Started Quick Tips.



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