Weightloss 101 Plan

Weight Loss 101

Plan Overview:   

If you consider yourself a beginner when it comes to exercise and you feel frustrated, confused or defeated…this is the place to start. If you want to know how much exercise and what kind of exercise will help you reach your weight loss goals, this is for you. If you have tried every diet or at least read about them and you have no idea what “healthy eating” actually is or even if it’s possible, this is for you. If you want to get in shape, lose weight and find long-term success, you’re in the right spot!

Plan Content:

      • Guide to walk you through 3 simple components of weight loss success over 3-4 weeks.
      • A nutrition plan that is simple, painless, and effective.
      • Lists of what foods to eat to make it very easy.
      • Goal planning tips and worksheets.
      • Exercise planner.
      • Exercise idea guide.
      • Exercise “prescription”. What kind of exercise, how much, how often, how hard, and when.
      • 2 Workouts.


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A sneak peek at what's inside!

A sneak peek at what’s inside!



Another preview!

Another preview!

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