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Snack Attack! Black Bean and Corn Salsa

This little concoction is one of my stand-bys for social events, especially BBQ’s.  Plus, it’s one of those recipes that is incredibly versatile and changes a bland chicken wrap into a FIESTA or makes your salad look like colorful, edible confetti!  Plus, not only is it pretty, but it’s low in calories, low in sodium, low in sugar and high in fiber.  Oh yes.

Since this recipe has become such a “stand-by” for me, I don’t actually have a “recipe” for it.  It began with a recipe, then another one similar and then I modified them both and now, when I set out to make it, I buy the basics and tend to toss it in, and taste it then make changes if needed!  I know that’s not helpful for you so I put down the “basics” and gave you some “guidelines”.  Truly, read this recipe as a guideline.  If you like it spicy, then by all means, chop up some jalapenos and throw them in!  If you don’t like onion, leave them out!  If you want it more “saucy” then consider blending some of the ingredients or using a food processor.  Like I said, she’s so versatile!  Without further ado, here she is!black bean and corn salsa recipe

My favorite ways of using this recipe:

On grilled chicken.

In a grilled chicken wrap with greek yogurt and avocado.

On a salad with either chicken, extra lean hamburger (taco meat), fajita meat or shrimp!

In fish tacos.

In a burrito bowl with quinoa or brown rice and greek yogurt and homemade guac on top!

As a dip for Pita Chips or some yummy Tortilla chips ;)

On a baked Sweet potato with spicy greek yogurt (yogurt mixed with chile powder, cumin, garlic and a bit of salt)

*Grill your chicken with a rub of Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime on the BBQ.  This makes the flavor of the chicken AWESOME and compliments this recipe perfectly for many of the above options!

See, I told you this recipe is amazing!

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I’d love to hear about how you use this recipe!  Share share away!  I bet she’s capable of more than I’ve listed!  Oh, how about a chicken tortilla soup???  Ok, that’s enough from me.

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