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Healthy Superbowl Snacks and Sweats (not Sweets, Sweats)

superbowl stats

It’s Superbowl weekend and I was appalled at that statistic I saw on Pinterest!  I can imagine that number actually being quite accurate!  For example, you could eat 1/4 cup of dip with a couple of handfuls of chips and then some chicken wings and EASILY eat about 1000 calories worth right there and that doesn’t sound like a lot of food!  Dips, chips, and appetizers like chicken wings can rack up the calories because they are often high in fat.

I am all about social gatherings.  In fact, I don’t think I ever watch the game at Superbowl parties.  I spend my time snacking and talking.  We might take talk breaks during the commercial breaks or half time if the show is worth it, but who wins or loses is not a concern of mine.  So really, the important part of Superbowl centers around a food bowl not a football! :)

A few weeks back I posted some tricks for keeping your food intake at social gathering under control and posted a few great football snacks.  Follow this link to that blog post to get some ideas and pointers.

This last week, I found some great healthy Superbowl snacks and even a fun Superbowl workout!

12 Skinny Dips

Sparkpeople has 12 dips that are “skinnier”, carrying a little less fat, fewer calories and a few more nutritional benefits!  Click on the pic to get the recipes!

I thought these little snacks were cute.  I also found these on Pinterest.  Love me some themey food!

football strawberries

And now for the workout!  What?  How can you have a “superbowl workout”?  Well, Sparkpeople shared one I thought would be fun!  Not so sure all the party guests would agree, but I bet you could find some who would think it was a great party game. ;)  All of these ideas, I found on Pinterest.  Come play with us on Pinterest!  Hope your team wins this weekend, but mostly I hope you  make some yummy, healthy, themey dips and have fun doing the workout ;)


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