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Pop Playlist with Matching Interval Treadmill Workout

Workoutplanz focuses on 3 main components:  goal setting and planning, exercise and nutrition.  All 3 subjects are necessary components when trying to reach a new level of health and/or fitness.

Last week, we featured a 6 part blog series on goal setting.  This week, we will be diving into exercise assuming you’re ready to get moving!

If the words “exercise” create a negative feeling in your gut or an immediate eye roll, I want to offer you a suggestion.  Music.  Music has the power to motivate, change emotions, and even change physical responses and connections to the activities we couple it with.  I never workout without music.

Don’t believe me?  Try running fast to some slow lullabies.  It will feel awkward and frustrating to be off rhythm and facing competing emotions.  A lullaby stimulates relaxation, peace and sleep.  Sprinting stimulates rapid hear trate, rapid breathing and full alertness.  The 2 go together like oil and water.

Because I know music motivates you to move, I am going to make “Playlist Workouts.”  These will be motivating playlists with corresponding workouts.  Your job will be to download the playlist off of I-Tunes or another source and then download the workout.  Don’t forget to take them to your next workout!  Some will be for treadmills, some will be for outdoor activities, some will be for Spinning bikes…I’ll vary intensities which is also important to your success (we’ll hit on that later.)

Here’s a sample of what it looks like.  Instructions for download are in the 2nd to last paragraph!

For now, as I am working on putting these together, I am posting a Playlist Workout Sampler.  It’s a “Pop Playlist Treadmill Interval Workout.”  It is 25 minutes from beginning to end.  It’d be a great addition after a good full body lift.  If you are new to exercise, this is a good place to start.  Your “moderate pace” wouldn’t need to be a jog or a run, it would be a moderate walk.

To download a copy of this workout, go to our “extras” tab on our website and you’ll find “Playlist Workout Sampler” underneath it.  Click “add to cart”.  It will ask for your email, but you will pay nothing.  (You can also follow the link.)

Comment below with what songs you’d love to have on a Playlist workout or what kind of workout you’d like me to create a playlist for!  I want to know what you need!

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