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The Office (workout)

dwight The Office.  My husband laughs like a giggly girl when he watches the Office.  I raise my eyebrows a lot and every once in awhile, I bust out a laugh.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the clip where Dwight is leading a Spinning class, but if you’ve ever taken a Spinning class, or even if you haven’t, it’s a video worth watching!

The post isn’t actually about “The Office” tv show.  It’s about YOUR office.  It’s about how you can use your office as your “gym” and get in a quick workout in the middle of your workday!  By taking a 10-15 minute exercise break, you will gain double that in productivity.  Exercising increases oxygen to the brain and blood flow which nourishes the brain and all other body systems.  Clear thinking, quicker thinking and even more creative thinking occurs as a benefit from exercise.  You and I both know that exercise is also a stress reliever.  If you can let go of the weight of stress during your day, you’ll find yourself less distracted and freed up to think as a problem solver.

So, here’s an office workout for you to try.  Do it a couple times/week and you’ll see not only the benefits listed above, but muscle tone will increase which means your metabolism with increase which means your FAT will decrease.  Want to lose body fat?  Do resistance/strength training.

office break strength

And if I got you in the mood for watching a few “Office” episodes, here’s a workout you can do while watching!  Disclaimer:  I didn’t create this upcoming workout, but I blocked out part of the name of the website because it’s a “4 letter word” :)

office workout

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