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Weight Loss Meal Plan GIVEAWAY!

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Yea!  Everyone likes a “giveaway”!  Especially if what you receive will help you lose weight AND save you time and the headache of meal planning!

Losing weight is hard.  It’s our goal to do our best to make it a little easier.  While we’d all like a personal chef or live-in-trainer, we probably can’t afford it.  The next best thing is to give you the meal plan, the calendar, the grocery list and the recipes that are calculated and set for weight loss!  Janet, from Fit4HISGlory, and I partnered together and with her love of cooking and our desire to help you succeed, we’ve put together a pre-calculated, balanced, healthy plan that will make losing weight easier.  We’ve taken the “think” out of the nutrition component of weight loss.  We are saving you the time of shopping around the internet, perusing through cookbooks and researching diet plans.  We did all of the hard work for you!  All you’ll need to do is follow the simple plan and your biggest stumbling block of weight loss is conquered!

We’re so excited to be releasing our first 4-week meal plan full of awesome recipes that are family friendly and weight loss targeted.  April 1st is our release date!

The way these meal plans were designed is PERFECT for the busy person.  We give you breakfast options, lunch options, dinner options and snack options.  Each option is balanced and in calorie range for weight loss.  You can choose to either follow the plan exactly as we lay it out (“eat this for breakfast, eat this for lunch”) OR you can substitute recipes in and out from our lists.  This helps on busy days because you can refer to the top of each recipe for prep/cook time to decide which meal is best for your schedule.  You can eat your favorite recipes more often if you’d like and not worry about whether you’re getting enough protein or the right amount of calories.  We did all of the “figuring it out” for you.

Here’s an example of how you’d see your options.  Ie:  You can substitute Breakfast B in for Breakfast A if that works better for you.

menu options by meal

The plans lays it out in a calendar or you can use the blank version to plug in the recipes from the menu options.  Here’s how a recipe card looks:

recipe card

Our menu plans are designed to cover you for 4 weeks of time.  Our first menu plan is set to release on April 1st!

On top of releasing these new meal plans, we’re going to have a BIG GIVEAWAY as a special “celebration” event!  Not only are we going to be giving away our meal plan to 5 lucky winners, but we’ll also be giving away the

“Ultimate Fat Loss Bundle”

which includes 4 plans laid out with the 3 necessary components of weight loss or fat loss: nutrition, exercise and goal setting/planning.  This bundle will take you from the starting line to the finish line with workouts, goal setting and nutrition planning for weight loss, toning up, and becoming the healthiest version of you!


Ready to enter to win?  You can get more than 1 entry by doing different things through Facebook, Pinterest, this blog and even Twitter.  Check out all of your options and earn as many points as possible!  You’ll have better chances of winning!  I recommend bookmarking this page and coming back to it each morning.  You can earn entries and points every day!  You can share it on Facebook and refer friends and for every referral, you’ll get points too!  Happy “Pinning”, “Liking” and “Sharing”!

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Comments (22)

  1. I can not wait to try some of these meals. I just started a healthier lifestyle this yr and have lost 12 lbs. I have been sticking with the same meals so I am excited to add more to my menu!! Thank you to you and Janet!!

  2. I really enjoyed your busy girl webinar! I start classes April 11 and when I finish I will be a personal trainer! So I love all the tips.

  3. Okay, I entered in all the ways I know how. I don’t tweet (except when calling in birds). And I haven’t really figured out Pinterest sometime. I need a personal trainer for that! But I got all the rest in, and hope to be a winner!

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