It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

What Makes My Heart Sing?


What makes your heart sing?  What is it that brings an instant smile to your face, excitement in your heart and fulfillment in your soul?  When you find yourself doing that one thing, you walk away with ultimate satisfaction.  When you are not doing that “thing”, you are thinking about it, talking about it and looking forward to it.  When your heart sings, you are finding yourself in the perfect place of purpose and gratitude.  What is it in life that causes your heart to sing?

What makes you cry with passion?  What injustice makes a fire of fury rise up in you that makes you want to jump out of your seat?  What is it that makes you want to take a stand, take some action, be an instigator of change?

If you and I could sit down and have a cup of coffee (well creamer with a little brown coffee flavored water), I would probably at some point ask you these things.  Finding out the answers to these two questions is like finding the map to the treasure.  We are born with purpose.  Deep down inside, there is something that we are meant to do.  It could change in seasons, but likely there’ll be a few things that will stay and grow for years upon years.

You know what makes me cry with passion?  When I watch someone come to a place of sheer joy when they’ve finally reached a goal they never thought was possible.  When they realize for the first time that they are an achiever and that they are worth it!  When I see the impact it makes on their sphere of influence as they become the person they were meant to be while hiding behind insecurity for too long.  I cry when I watch Biggest Loser.  I cry when my clients succeed.

I also cry when someone is so sad, so depressed and feeling defeated because of the way they look.  I cry when I see a beautiful woman trapped in a body that needs some love, but she only sees an ugly prison that she can’t get out of.  I feel the fire of fury when I watch women back down from who they are meant to be because of how they look.  It has made me take action and get out of my seat to be an instigator of change.  This fire is why I became a personal trainer.

Contrary to many other fitness enthusiasts, I did not get into this industry because exercising and lifting weights make my heart sing.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like to exercise because it makes me feel better.  But, exercise and working out do not make my heart sing.  I am not a fitness competitor nor do I follow rigid rules and ways of thinking that lead to deprivation and starvation or feelings of failure.  In fact, I take spoonfuls of frosting out of a can.  I love baking cookies.  I eat french fries now and again.

I do not strive for perfection, I strive for realness.  A real lifestyle of liking me as I am no matter what weight I carry.  Liking me enough to eat beneficial foods and do the exercise that makes my body strong.  It’s a journey of discovering a healthy lifestyle.  We never arrive, but we just continue on down the path towards healthy habits and happy bodies.

My heart sings when I walk into a group fitness studio and see 30 people who are hoping I will motivate them and encourage them to workout harder than they would if they were alone.  My heart sings when those 30 people step out of their comfort zone with me, trust me and prove to themselves that they are worth it.   My heart sings when someone leaves a class, a workout, a conversation and feels encouraged, cared for and hopeful.  My heart sings when I watch clients do things they never thought they could do.

Why did we start this website?  Because someone else believed in me and someone else thought that I could help more people through the avenue of the internet and they knew how to get it going.  I don’t like sales and I despise pushy infomercials.  I am skeptical of most “diets”, “nutrition products”, trends, fads, and gimmicks.  I will never promote or suggest anything that I don’t believe in 100% and wouldn’t do myself or encourage my parents to do!  I will only put things out there that I think could help and encourage people who need it!  I want to do everything I can to find resources, tips, tricks, motivation that will give you the tools you need to reach for your dreams.

This could all sound so cheesy, but I am cheesy.  That’s just me.  Cheesy humor, cheesy lines, cheesy sentimentalist..I am cheesy, honest, real, and I care about this issue enough to cry.  If you knew me, you’d know just how important this really is to me because not much makes me cry!  I know there is so much out there suggesting diets and exercise that will “make you skinny quick” and it’s confusing and frustrating and hard to know where to start or what to believe.  I hope that I can earn your trust over time and you will allow me to support you in your goals to better health.

Thanks for taking the time to read about what makes my heart sing.  It’s the fuel behind every single thing on the website, on Facebook, on Pinterest…all of it.

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