It takes courage to make lifestyle changes and faith to overcome our obstacles. My hope is that by sharing my personal and professional experiences with you, we can both be courageous in our journeys of faith and fitness!

Zig Zag Calories to Lose Weight Again


UUURRRCHH!  That’s your success coming to a screeching halt.  Feel like that?  You’ve been doing so good, you’ve been so consistent and dedicated, but your weight is no longer budging!  What’s wrong?  NOTHING!  You’ve hit a plateau!  Our body strives to find natural rhythm and if you’ve been so consistent that your body thinks it’d found it’s rhythm then it will sit back, put itself on cruise control and just enjoy the ride.  How do we break the plateau?  You freak your body out and put some potholes and bumps in the road for it to work around and readjust again.

1 Simple Way to Break a Weight Loss Plateau is to Zig Zag your Calories.

If you’ve been keeping a food log and logging in about 1200-1500 calories very consistently for over 3 months, your body has adjusted it’s burn rate (aka metabolism).  If you are the person who has made the plan, followed the plan, you sweat buckets during your workout and you turn down birthday cake because you want it that bad, my guess is that your body has become accustom to your consistent lifestyle.  SO, here’s 1 way to freak your body out!  Have several low calorie days interspersed with a couple high calorie days.  Your body will be confused all over again and it will rev your metabolism to break through the plateau!  If you have been eating, on average, 9000-1000 calories/week (about 1300-1400 calories/day), try this zig zag plan for a week and see if it pushes you through!

zigzag calories

For more ways to break through plateaus including workouts, you should get our Breaking Plateaus Plan!  It will give you a full game strategy to ensure your success at busting through!

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