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Stanozolol only course

What is a stanozolol course and how to take it properly

Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid available as an injection and a tablet. In practice, the oral form (tablet) is most often used. Therefore, this article will focus on taking Stanozolol tablets for a 6 to 8 week course.

This drug is manufactured by a number of sports pharmacology factories and the fake market does not miss the opportunity to make a solid profit from the very popular anabolic manufacture. Today, we often come across this drug under the brands Balkan Pharma Strombafort, British Stanabol, Stanover in Vermoji, Stanozolol SP Laboratories and many more, but the bottom line remains the same. Disse navne er forskellige, men stoffet er det samme! Hvis du køber fra et andet firma, får du ikke noget bedre og mere effektivt, da effekten af ​​et individuelt forløb med Stanozolol vil være bedre. Hver indeholder 10 mg af stoffet, og resten af ​​tabletten er kun et formuleringsstof, men ikke en ekstra komponent for at øge ydeevnen, som nogle mener.

Stanozolol course – how to take and dose

The drug was originally intended for medical use in patients recovering from surgery and underweight patients. It was later used for equestrian sports. Increased strength, speed and endurance. It began to be used in athletics in the 1980s, and new measurement records were set, but over time, Stanozolol was added to the list of banned substances, and doping control ceased.

But amateur athletes and great bodybuilders still cannot do without this anabolic steroid in their arsenal.

First, it is worth understanding how an amateur athlete can benefit from taking Stanozolol properly during the course. How much do you need for this medicine and if the doses are right. Like it or not, it is better to use this steroid to increase drying, strength, endurance, speed, but in this case it will be very difficult to talk about fast muscle mass.

This version is better suited if the athlete wants to lose a few kilos of excess weight, achieve more expressive relaxation and want to emphasize the muscles.

But keep in mind that proper nutrition and diet have a positive effect on the outcome. Without adherence to the diet, it is almost impossible to achieve the desired effect.

It should also be noted that for beginners, the use of oral Stanozolol for increased nutrition and exercise only to increase muscle mass will allow them to achieve some growth in practice. Of course, the course of Turinabol does not seem to be that fast, but the process will be gradual and of good quality, and others will not notice the use of anabolic steroids on your part.

The main effects of taking Stanozolol tablets are:

  • 25-30% increase in strength, endurance, speed.
  • Efficient drying, obvious fat burning process.
  • It removes excess fluid from the body, tightens and tightens the muscles.
  • Accelerates protein synthesis, increases the amount of free testosterone.
  • The process of recovery and healing of microdamages is accelerated.
  • Significant increase in such a pump at the beginning of training.
  • Increased motivation to work with heavy weights.
  • Save the results for a long time.
  • PCT is not required after 5-6 weeks of short courses.

5-week Stanozolol individual course without PCT

We will use 100 symbols to calculate the Stanozolol course, this is a package. This figure is due to the fact that the majority of tablet buyers have ordered at least 100 side samples. This amount is sufficient for 5 weeks, taking into account the use of small doses. Great for beginners and lowweight athletes.

The instructions for taking Stanozolol tablets may be different and are written differently on different websites. We choose the classic admission scheme, get up and leave the course smoothly, it is the best practice and works well. It is better to stop the medication at regular intervals during the day and not drink the full norm at once. It is better to take it after a meal.

Week 1 (7 days) Take 2 tablets . on a day.

Week 2 (7 days) Take 3 tablets. on a day.

Week 3 (7 days) Take 4 tablets. on a day.

Week 4 (7 days) Take 3 tablets. on a day.

Week 2 (7 days) Take 2 tablets. on a day.

In addition, the course contains Proviron (Proviron), which can be taken concurrently and after the course. 1 tab accepted. lunch time every day after a meal. Main purpose:

  1. Increase the amount of free testosterone;
  2. Improving the effect of taking the main anabolic steroid;
  3. Improve the fat burning process;
  4. Set the result for long-term storage.